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Pinnacles, Discovering Desert In Perth

Day 4:
Enough of lazing around, it’s adventure time! Armed with just a big bag of nice Keropok (cracker snacks), two dare-devils ventured into the wild, with Joanna driving 3½ hours to the Pinnacles. The desert discovery is located within Nambung National Park, about 250km north of Perth.

As I’m born without a sense of direction, there was only one brain functioning on this road trip. Jo was both the driver & the map reader. So what am I good at?? I was fully in charge of the snacking part. Hahaha!

En route, scenic postcard views like this one were magnificent.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by clear instructions for a Desert View Walk. Visitors can take the 1.2km return walk though the Pinnacles to the Desert View for a close-up experience of the world renowned limestone.

Jo & I took an explorative walk through the magical huge limestone pillars. I was captivated by the unique sculptures; each seemed to be telling a story. Rising mysteriously from the dune sands are thousand of these, a landscape in peculiar contrast to the neighbouring heath.
Although it was at a temp hovering just around 20°C, it was scorching hot in Perth. But the blazing sun brought out the colours & extended shadows of the formations & delivered a contrast that extracted their features. I was awed by the mystical sight.
Joe leaving behind our footprints. It was an incredible & unforgettable trip for me.

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  1. The Pinnacles, it always sound like a mystery to me especially so much have been mentioned in detective story books. It sure is an eye opening experience. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The joy of traveling and being able to experience all the wonderful place is great.

    I am sure you had a great time.

  3. Very nice shots, Shirley. Lol at "as I'm born w/o a sense of direction. I'm so the same way. Hubby tries to get me to read maps while we're driving, bit we usually and up pulling over somewhere so he can show me how to read it. Haha Glad to hear it was incredible and unforgetablevv.

  4. wow, looks like a great place to visit!

  5. This seems like such a wonderful venture...I barley have any sense of direction myself so since you are covering snacks, when I finally get to visit we will have to bring Jo :)
    How fun this is

  6. Doris, I'm glad u found the post useful :)

    Nava, couldn't agree more :) Oh yes, I'd a wonderful time.

    Lequan, another blur sotong like me?? Hahaha! We can't go travelling together then. LOL!

    Simply Life, thks for taking the time :)

    Alisha, we've another thing in common then if we're both just as lost. Hahaha!

  7. 20 degrees and it's still scorching hot..well it's cloudless in the desert i guess..and too's the same in South Africa during the winter..the sun made the difference.

  8. Of Travels, South Africa is one place I'd like to go :) Lucky u!

  9. can visit there of course..
    P.S. no chance for the down under trip yet


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