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Oishii Teppanyaki at Keyaki

おいしいお料理ごちそうさまでした. I adore Japanese food, especially Teppanyaki. I’m lucky to have nice Japanese friends who'd often bring me out to feast at fine Japanese restaurants. I must admit that I haven’t been to Keyaki for at least 1 year; I’m too busy trying out new eateries. So I was really impressed with the new change the moment I stepped into the swanky eatery.
The new Keyaki boasts a beautiful guest-holding area welcoming guests, waiting to be seated. While the culinary retreat was imbue with the tranquil ambience at the Level 4 of Pan Pacific Hotel, in the hush of classic layout set in a strong Japanese accent, it features the art of Japanese gourmet cooking.

I’d opted for the Tsuki (Moon) set @ S$170/person. The course began with a serving of interesting appetizers & a clear soup; each emitting a unique taste, making me hunger for more.

Next is a dish not many can resist. Freshly flown from Japan was an array of Sashimi, each testing your taste buds.

Now this is my favourite part of Teppanyaki, seeing the Chef perform in front of you. The set came with a King Prawn, nicely grilled & cut before my eyes. The succulent prawn was fresh & inviting, with no sauce needed at all.

Here comes the highlight of the S$170 course – Wagyu Sirloin Steak. My eyes were glued to the teppanyaki grill as the Chef cleverly displayed his cooking technique. Just looking at the marble on the beef, I was sure it was gonna melt in my mouth.

Nothing can satisfy the the carnivorous urge for steak like a deliciously tender cut, served with a hearty portion of fried garlic. What I love most: salty crispy pieces of fats that the Chef had skilfully sliced off from the beef & grilled till crisp. I could die for a dish like this; every slice of beef just "dissolved" in my mouth. Definitely a cut above the rest.

Next on the grill were rice & eggs. Tada! Here’s a bowl of fragrant Garlic Fried Rice. Dracula will definitely stay away from me after this :)

I like this combi of bean sprouts, zucchini & eggplant. It blended well with the fried rice.

Lastly, something I couldn’t go without – Macha Ice-cream! Overall Rating 4½/5

It’s traditional Japanese fine dining with top-notch food @ Keyaki. This meal is totally worth it, as long as you’re willing to splurge.


  1. I know many people who loves sitting in front of the chef looking at him preparing their meals but I for one don't like it. I dislike the grease in splattering on my face :P

    But all that aside, I LOVE Japanese food! :D

  2. Hi, stoping by to say hi and to say that i like your blog!

  3. my fav too Shirley. Suppose this must be the high end restaurant, thats why the price is a bit more steep.

    Wow, to convert S170 to RM is a lot.
    Maybe we have to pay more for quality food.

  4. a mealend with Mocha Ice cream is always the best one

  5. hy, chanced upon your space while blog hopping..very interesting space you have with yummy posts..
    Am your happy follower now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Merryn, u can choose not to sit at the counter but those are usually the best seats :) Thks for dropping by! I'll be popping by soon.

    Jasmin, thks for visiting!

    Nava, it's a little pricey. I can imagine the price tag after conversion. Hahaha!

    Nikel, thks for the visit! I'll be dropping by soon :)

    Jay, thks for coming back again!

  7. Ooooh...I love teppanyaki.....just delicious and also a great sight to see the chef cooking, especially flipping the spatula into the air! Feel so tempted to try that flipping at home....haha. Hope you have a wonderful day, Shirley!

  8. I love Japanese food! It's probably my favorite cuisine when dining out. Fresh prawns definitely could hold their own without any sauce. I can just taste the sweetness of the grilled prawn meat right now - yumms! The steak looks delicious as well. Just look at that wonderful marbling. Glad you fully enjoyed your meal, Shirley.

  9. Yummy post very interesting place and love mocha ice cream! glad your back!

  10. Did I ever mention that Japanese is my favorite cuisine? This place sounds and looks wonderful...great review!

  11. Mary, we could see more of Chefs displaying their skills those days but not of late due to security reasons. Sad :< Nevertheless, I love counter seats!

    Lequan, looks like we may fight over food if we get to meet one day; too much in common. Hahaha!

    Claudia, thks & have a nice weekend!

    Alisha, it's hard to resist Japanese cuisine, isn't it?? Heehee!


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