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Dim-sum At Dragon Palace, Perth (福盈龍門)

Day 3:
Lunch with Joanna was at a popular Dim-sum restaurant called “Dragon Palace”. The Chinese eatery prides itself on exceptional quality & varieties, specializing in Dim Sum & dinner menu.
The appetizing Dim-sum are wheeled out in carts & are reasonably priced, starting from A$4.20. The freshly-made treats are sure to please any discerning palate! Rating: 4/5.

It was a relaxing day, with Jo & I lazing around & lots of catching up to do after 20 years.
These are Jo’s teenage kids – Janis & Kelvin. Jo has raised her kids well; they’re both fun-loving, eloquent & respectful. I’m really proud of her! Oh, Janis has just gotten her Black Belt 1st Dan Grading. Congrats, Janis! You’re Super Cool!

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Dragon Palace
66 Francis Street
Northbridge, Perth
Tel: 9228 2888


  1. Hie Shirley,

    So you went to Perth not long ago..the dim sum looks good from the pic but how's the taste in the down under? any asian taste? hehe

    P.S. yep i'm back and thanx for your comments again..hmm i missed the Kobe Beef at that time in the year 2008. too bad..hehe

  2. With the rating you have given, the taste must have been good.

  3. i love dim sum and this looks perfect!

  4. Sounds like delicious dim sum!

  5. What a beautiful recount of that day, pal! Thanks for all your kind words. You are a legend to put all these together!

    By the way, I had to stay off my weighing scale after you left ....

  6. I love dim sum, but I love it more when I can eat while catching up with an old friend as you did. Congrats to Janis! I wouldn't want to get her mad. Haha.

  7. Hong, taste of dim-sum there is very good. Guess it's because there're lots of HK chefs in Australia. I've always enjoyed Chinese cuisine there :)

    Nava, it was yummy!

    Simply Life, I love Dim-sum too & it used to be a weekly affair when I was young :)

    Peggy, food is good esp with nice company :)

    Jo, thks for signing up an a/c just to post your comments! I was hoping to seduce you to be my fan. Hahaha! Staying off the scale?? Then we should do it more often :)

    Lequan, u're absolutely right! Companion is impt, even better if she's a glutton like me! Hahaha!

  8. How wonderful that you were able to spend time with an old friend and her children sound wonderful...always enjoy seeing kids that are respectful and full of life :)
    Since I live in CA I am exposed to a very poor fast food type of Chinese cuisine, but I do love the more authentic versions that these seem to be :)

  9. Alisha, this kind of chance doesn't happen often so I really treasure the time spent. I'll take u to nice Chinese food the next time u visit S'pore :)


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