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Bittergourd Chicken, Winner of Tasty Healthy Recipes 2011

Nothing beats home-cooked food. I'm thrilled that my Bittergourd Chicken, a family's favourite dish is the Winner of the Tasty, Healthy Recipe Contest 2011!

So read more about the story behind this Bittergourd Chicken dish, and to try out the delicious, healthy recipe that has wowed the panel of judges from Sing Health!


  1. Congratulations Shirley! You certainly deserve this :)

  2. Shirley, I tried making this dish when I first saw your recipe & they're turned out to be really good! Congrats! It's about time u win this award. Well done!

  3. Congrats once again! I had cooked this dish before using your recipe. It's really great. It had make a person like me from hating bitter gourd to falling in love with it.

  4. great work Shirley, bittergourd is one of those I cook quite often, for my hubby because its good for his diabetics.

  5. Congratulations, Shirley. Love bitter gourd. It's a bit pricey here but worth it beacause it'sso delicious. love your recipe.

  6. Congrats my dear. Love this dish.

  7. Shirley, a big CONGRATULATION to you! You made me proud! :o)
    Hope you're having a great day ahead.

  8. Congrats Shirley!! I'd really have to try this recipe of yours:) I'm not a big fan of bittergourd, but I'd eat anything that's good for me:)

  9. Thank U ladies, for dropping by & leaving your lovely comments!

  10. Congrats Shirley! Bittergourd is definitely an acquired taste and few, if any kids like it. Through the years, I've learn to enjoy it. I buy it whenever I see the light green ones. Your dish sounds very flavorful!

  11. Congratulations!!! I am not at all surprised that you won this :)

  12. Biren, couldn't agree more..... definitely an acquired taste. I hope u get to try this recipe :)

    Alisha, u're a doll! Thks, dear!


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