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BBQ Party: Juicy Clams & Mussels In Truffle Oil & White Wine

Mussels are excellent source of protein. They’re low in calories & fat; contain a number of vitamins & minerals & are easily digested. On the other hand, Clams are surprisingly high in iron. Not to mention these shellfish are inexpensive & good value for money.
juicy clams mussels in truffle oil white wine
This flavourful shellfish was one of the dishes for my BBQ. I would prefer to use fresh Clams & Mussels for this recipe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any & had to resort to using frozen ones.
juicy clams mussels in truffle oil white wine recipe

My Magic Potion: I thought it would be a great idea to try out my new Truffle Oil & indeed, it worked wonders.
juicy clams mussels in truffle oil white wine recipes
The succulent seafood tasted great & the soupy sauce was such a delight. Make this for your next BBQ treat using a foil or substitute with a pan for your daily cooking.

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I'm submitting this recipe to Any One Can Cook: Series 22 @ Taste of Pearl City as it is For beginners, With less ingredients & With minimum amount of time spent.

1 kg Clams
500g Mussels
½ Lemon
2 tbsp minced Garlic
20g Parsley (chopped)
300ml White Wine (optional)
3 tbsp Extra-virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Truffle Oil
Dash of salt & pepper

  1. If you're using fresh Clams & Mussels, click on the relevant links for preparation instructions & other cooking ideas.
  2. Heat olive oil in foil & add garlic.
  3. juicy clams mussels in garlic recipes
  4. When it’s sizzling, throw in clams, mussels & parsley. Mix well.
  5. cooking juicy clams mussels in truffle oil white wine
  6. Add wine or stock if you don't take alcohol. Keep stirring till clams & mussels open up.
  7. bbq juicy clams mussels in truffle oil white wine
  8. Squeeze lemon at this point & mix well.
  9. juicy clams mussels in truffle oil for bbq party
  10. Lastly, add Truffle Oil when shellfish opens up. Toss lightly & you’re ready to serve your succulent "Perfumed" Seafood.
juicy clams mussels in truffle oil for bbq parties
Bbq Party: Juicy Clams & Mussels In Truffle Oil & White Wine on Foodista


  1. This looks awesome! :) I have been so tempted to get truffle oil/truffle salt to flavour dishes. The only limitation is how expensive it is! Maybe I'll seriously consider getting that now...

  2. I've heard about how wonderful truffle oil is, but have yet to try it. I think it's just a matter of time that I try your magic potion:)

  3. I have yet to use truffle oil! I can't even believe it :). You have now inspired me these are wonderful....

  4. Lovely Shirley but wonder whether I can omit the wine, also am not sure where to get the truffle oil.

  5. It looks delicious! I like the simple preparation but I know it is big on taste. Gotta find me some of that truffle oil :)

  6. Just two weeks ago I had BBQ clams for the first time (we usually stir fry them) and absolutely loved it. Love your addition of the truffle oil, Shirley. This looks fantastic. I'd probably eat that whole tray if it were in front of me right now. Haha.

  7. Oh my, looks like every of your dishes will become a feature recipe in some other website some how or the other. Congrats! Good job!

  8. Recherche, my suggestion is to get Truffle Olive Oil instead of pure Truffle Oil :) Thks for dropping by & I'll be visiting your blog soon!

    Kayla, seems to be the 'in' thing now. Hahaha! Time to get one :)

    Claudia, I'm surprised not many have tried this wonderful potion. It's a must try!

    Nava, wine is optional. I'm sure u can buy them online. In S'pore, U can get them at ION.

    Baby, I love shellfish!

    Biren, u've got good taste. Hahaha! Suggest u get one too since u cook often :)

    Lequan, definitely can't get enough of these......

    Doris, thks so much! I'm really flattered to be featured :)

  9. What a beautiful idea for a BBQ! I bet the addition of truffle oil added a unique flavor. Lovely recipe :)

  10. Alisha, glad u like it too! Thks again :)

  11. Never ever tried clams and mussels, your recipe really tempts me to try it out. Thank you for linking this delicious recipe with Any One can Cook :)


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