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Anyone Can Cook: Craby Celery Sticks with Bacon Bits

There's a party going on & I'm going to join in the fun. Rule of the game is to submit a recipe that 'Anyone Can Cook'.

I'd made this Craby Celery Sticks with Bacon Bits for a guest sometime back. It's a no-frills recipe. This appetizer is:

For Beginners
With Less Ingredients
With Minimum amount of time

I'm submitting this recipe to Any One Can Cook: Series 21 @ Taste of Pearl City!


  1. I'll vote yours. My favourite celery plus bacon bits - yum! yum!
    Uh? need to vote or not? Haha! I'll pop over now.

  2. I love celery---and with bacon bits it sounds marvelous:)
    Good one!!

  3. Hie shirley..hmm celery + crabs and bacon...i love crab meat and bacon together..but celery..I couldn't stand the smell mother cook at times using celery and I always avoid it..haha..maybe can improve other vege besides celery

  4. I like this! I like celery and crab. And who doesn't like bacon? No hassle to make, too. Nice one, Shirley.

  5. That sounds fun! The party and the post!

  6. good luck Shirley and hope another achievement for you. Support all the way.

  7. What a great idea! The only thing I've ever filled celery with is peanut butter =)

  8. A perfect party treat, thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  9. Doris, no voting needed at all :) It's just for fun! Thks!

    Malli, great to have another celery fan!

    Hong, this is one way of forcing my son to eat celery. He's just like u. Hahaha!

    Adora Box, nice to have another fan!

    Thristan, thks for visiting again!

    Shirley, join in the fun too!

    Nava, this isn't a contest :) Just some fun! Thks for kind gesture!

    Peggy, love celery with peanut butter too. Son goes crazy over that :)

    Umm M, thks for organizing!

  10. What a fun snack...I love celery and my guys love all things bacon, so these would do well around here :)

  11. Alisha, glad u appreciate Celery like me :) I'm learning to like it.


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