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Mouth-watering Thai-style Seabass

Though I’ve many posts still pending but I just had to get this lip-smacking recipe out. The 1st time I tried this sweet & sour fish was at a Zhi-char (煮炒) stall near my home. Zhi-char stall is a modest stall that’s almost everywhere in coffeeshops where Chinese home-style dishes are cooked to your order.

how to cook delicious thai style seabass
This Fish head dish is very different from the usual Fish Head Curry where the gravy is thick. This sauce is soupy. The moment I tasted it, I was in 7th heaven. It’s spicy, sweet & sourish; it sang a melodious tune! After that, I knew I had to try making this at home. And I did it, with just one attempt! Hooray! Hubby was full of praise.

This recipe is Featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat
as DIY 好主意
! Yipee!!
yummy thai style seabass featured at omy

Munaty Cooking
tasty thai style seabass featured at munaty cooking

And also @ OpenRice S'pore,
together with my Fluffy Beer Battered Prawns Recipe!
appetizing thai style seabass featured at openrice singapore

Since it was my 1st attempt, I bought some cheap chilli paste to experiment with in case I don’t succeed :)

Thai Heritage Sweet Chilli Sauce (S$1+), Holly Farms Sambal Tom Yam (S$3+). If you can’t find these brands, you can use any brand of sauces that is a little spicy & sweet + tom yam paste.
tasty recipe using thai heritage sauce, holly farms
Now, I’m gonna show you how you can cook this too & you don’t need to be a pro to do this.

1 Sea bass or any other fish
2 tbsp Tom Yam paste
4 tbsp Sweet chilli sauce
250g Lady’s fingers/Okras
1 slice of Pineapple
2 Tomatoes
2 Lime
2 Lime leaves
1 tsp Cooking oil
4 small bowls of Water

  1. Remove scales & inards from fish if it's not done for you. Rinse & set aside.
  2. how to scale fish
  3. Slice off the top & end of Okras. Cut Okras into halves & Tomatoes into wedges. Slice Pineapple into cubes.
  4. yummy asian vegetables recipe idea
  5. Squeeze lime into chilli paste (tom yum + sweet sauce). Throw in the lime skin as well & mix well.
  6. Heat oil. Add paste & vegetables & stir-fry. Add water, cover & simmer for about 1 min.
  7. cooking with thai heritage sweet chilli sauce
  8. Add pineapples & water. Simmer for another minute. Put in fish & let it simmer for about 5-7 mins. Do not overcook or fish will not be tender.
  9. holly farms sambal tom yam recipe ideas
  10. Insert toothpick into fish. Fish is cooked if toothpick pierces through easily. Dish out your seafood & place the serving plate on a warmer to retain its temperature. Drizzle the sauce over a plate of fragrant rice & enjoy. You'll never get enough of this Thai-style Seabass!
thai style tom yam seabass using holly farms


  1. This looks and sounds so delicious and appetizing, Shirley. I'm a big fan of the sweet, sour, and spicy dishes so I luv this! Kudos to you for getting it right on your first try. I'm definitely going to bookmark this one.

    Btw, whenever I comment on my phone, I always have to comment twice. I comment and then it takes me to another commenting page. Not sure if your other readers are having the same problem.

  2. Lequan, sorry taking u so much time. I've made some changes. Do u mind testing it out again?

    Thks again for your patience! U've been very supportive of this blog & I sincerely appreciate :)

  3. looks amazing! After travelling, this is exactly what I need to eat.

  4. The type of dish we really enjoy at home, yummy looking.

  5. This looks and sounds delicious Shirley! The tangy stuff makes it very appetizing.

    I wish there are more varieties of fish over here but I do like it that the fish comes in steaks or fillets and everything is cleaned and ready to go. You will have to go to the Asian grocery stores to get whole fish.

  6. I love cooking whole fish! This broth sounds really tasty too!

  7. When i 1st read the title, i was expecting to see something deep fried and the sweet and sour sauce in sticky form. LOL! Guess i got it all wrong. This looks something different. "Curry" minus the coconut milk - mmm.... healthy.

  8. Shirley, this does look mouth-watering. I must get my hands on lady fingers and try this out. We love thai dishes in our house! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Saw your message on FB. Good gracious! Luckily you were able to repost this from you draft, otherwise we would all have missed such a great recipe.

  10. Sorry your comments got erased, Shirley. I'm back to recomment. I love the looks and sounds of this dish. The sweet and sour flavors make it a very appetizing dish. Kudos to you for getting it right on the first try.

  11. I am really upset that all previous comments were gone. Still wondering how my post could have gone missing.

    Thank you ladies, for your comments & I hope you'll try this wonderful recipe one day :)

  12. I love thai food, and there is a little indonesian grocery store just down the street from me. I can't wait to try this recipe out, fish + chili sauce = yum

  13. Appetizing and very tempting fish and beautiful presentation...Cheers

  14. I this does look wonderful...I like the soupy version here as well! The flavors are just addictive, gorgeous my friend and congratulations on the feature :)


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