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Hong Kong Disneyland, Here I Come!

Day 4:
Here’s wrapping up the last two days of my previous trip to HK before embarking you to another journey of mine to Perth, Australia.

This is a pix of me in 1985, my 1st trip to Disneyland USA, to realize my childhood dream with my favourite character Minnie Mouse.

After that, I went on to cover Disneyland Tokyo, Paris & finally Hong Kong. I hesitated for a long time before visiting the one in HK because of the negative feedback I gathered from many people.

It was only after couple of years later that I’d decided to make my 1st visit in 2007. I went with very low expectation but I’d enjoyed myself so much that I’d decided that won’t be my last. So here I was again, making my 2nd trip to Disneyland HK.

Pamper yourself with Disney-themed amenities as you slumber in one of the rooms in Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. If you’re a Disney fan like me, you’ll go crazy with all the room décor & freebies……

These in-room amenties will definitely make your stay a memorable & an unforgettable one.

As most rides do not allow photo-taking inside, you won't be seeing any here. However, do take advantage of the many photo sessions with your fave characters at no cost at all @ the Fantasy Gardens.

Discover your talent by learning to draw characters like Mickey Mouse @ the Animation Academy.
I drew this during my 1st trip. Not too bad, eh??

Characters coming alive during Parade @ Main Street USA, a must-watch!

Go crazy shopping for your beloved Disney stuff!

B’fast Tim-sum @ Crystal Lotus, approx HK$200. Besides having your food served in cute Disney shapes & sizes, you’ll also get to “dine” with your Disney Characters.
This trip, we didn’t opt for the Disney-themed b’fast & we regretted. We’d this the last time & we’d priority entry to the park before it opened to the public.

This time, we’d to join the long queues in the scorching sun to enter the park the next day. Bad choice. So if you wanna skip the queue, be sure to book your Disney b’fast before you go.

If you’re staying @ the Hollywood Hotel, be sure to check out the nice scenery outside the hotel. There’s a gate at the back of the hotel when you can sneak in & out to the seaside.

My hubby likes to stroll along the lush landscape of Disney’s garden-like promenade in the night. The ambience is very romantic especially with your loved ones.

As we’d a full-day out in the park, coupled with the fact that my legs were too tired due to the endless shopping before we were here, I didn’t want to take the walk. But I relented after hubby’s persistence. When my legs couldn’t take it anymore, Ken had to piggy-back me to the hotel from the garden :)

Here's leaving you with shots of fireworks taken with iphone.

If you haven’t read my other posts on HK, you may like to start from Day 1 @ Famous Mak’s Wanton Noodle, Hong Kong!


  1. Oh, i think that breakfast is really a still if it comes with priority entry to the park. LOL! And how sweet of your hubby to be piggy bagging you back to the hotel.

  2. Looks like you're having a blast in Disneyland, how fun!

  3. What glad you guys are having such a great trip :)
    Hope you had a very amazing Mother's Day!!!

  4. Shirley, you looks so different back then! haha... Such a cute little girl. But now, you look sexier! hahaha....
    Btw, wishing you a belated Mother's Day. I'm sure you had a great time.
    Best wishes,
    p/s will try to leave down more comments! :o)

  5. Btw, thanks for showing the cutie steamed buns photos. Hopefully, I'll try to make the Chicken Little bun one day.

  6. Shirley,

    Thanks for sharing this Disney post with me. I have never been to any of the Disneys and cannot wait till my kiddies are older to take them.
    Yes, great job with the Mickey drawing! If my daughter found out I could draw Mickey like that, shed never leave me alone. Haha.
    I love that family picture of you guys. You have a beautiful family, Shirley. That's too funny about hubby having to piggy back you back. Haha!

  7. That Disney breakfast is so much fun! Those Disney people sure are smart, creating food to match not only their characters, but also the culture of the country where they are located. We would never find such adorable steamed buns in the US, but now I think I wish we could!


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