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Cocktail Specially Dedicated To A Special Blogger

It was no easy feat creating the cocktail & at the same time finding a suitable name for my 1st Cocktail Challenge sometime back. Finally, I’d settled on a name after my blog, “Luxury Haven”.
It’s a seductive cocktail specially created for the sophisticated ladies & this time, I’d like to dedicate this concoction to a very special blogger!

She’s none other than Alisha of The Ardent Epicure. Alisha is one of the amazing bloggers I’ve met since I’ve started blogging. She has been tuning in to almost every of my post & always made efforts to “Like” my posts at Facebook too. Despite her busy schedule, she would often post 3 comments at one shot like the recent ones below:

Magic of Spice on Mouth-watering Thai-style Seabass:
I this does look wonderful...I like the soupy version here as well! The flavors are just addictive, gorgeous my friend and congratulations on the feature :)

Magic of Spice on Things To Do In Fremantle, Perth:
I would love to try one of those potatoes, they look fantastic! You always find the most amazing places, love your truffle oil find and looking forward to you treats with it :)

Magic of Spice on Fluffy Beer Battered Prawns:
Very delightful battered prawns, love this recipe! I don't mind the alcohol at all...simply tasty :)

Isn’t she superb? Alisha is a talented blogger & I love visiting her blog, studying her recipes & looking at her food shots. I’m always embarrassed with mine, which are in no way comparable to hers. Her blog is full of life & colours, & photography skills remarkable. Please visit her blog & you’ll be equally impressed.

Alisha, thank you so much for your active contribution to my blog. Your comments mean a lot to me & they always put a smile to my face. You’ve more than enough awards, so I’m dedicating my very own Luxury Haven Cocktail to you, specially created for the sophisticated ladies.

10ml Apple Cidar
15ml Choya
1 Ume (from the Choya bottle)
Top with Champagne
Add Peppermint Tea to rim
* For less alcoholic content, substitute Champagne with Sprite.


  1. Shirley,I've been so busy with my life and promoting my new book I haven't gotten over here. I love your new layout and that cocktail, What is Choya? Can I get it in the US?

  2. great creation of the cocktail esp with the champagne in.

  3. Very nice indeed! I will not be replacing champagne with sprit! :P

  4. Shirley this is the sweetest thing ever! Such a lovely thing to find this are like sunshine! I completely love this cocktail and will have to get my hands on a bottle of Choya so I can make one and I will keep the champagne here :)
    I have to go off the work now but I will have a more pleasant day thanks to you :)

  5. A delightful cocktail, nice!

  6. I definitely agree with you, Shirley. Alisha is one of the sweetest bloggers out there. Her posts and photos always amaze me and leave me in awe. What a sweet post this was. The drink sounds fantastic. You are a sweetie for dedicating this to a dear bloggie friend. Keep up the great blogging!

  7. Barbara, it's so nice to hear from u again! I've been reading all about it @ FB :) Thks & I'm glad u like the new layout!

    Choya is a Japanese Fruit Liqueur. I'm sure it's avail at the US airport but not sure about the city. It's a very popular liqueur tho'. You can read all about this creation @ The Cocktail Challenge!!

    Nava, thks & glad u like it too!

    Penny, hahaha! Wise choice :)

    Alisha, sweet thing for a sweet lady. Hahaha! I'm excited that u're gonna try this :) Can't wait! U have a wonderful day, my dear!

    Natasha, thks for dropping by!

    Lequan, love that we're on the same page! U're one of fave bloggers too, my dear! Happy healthy blogging! Yipee!

  8. Shirley, I couldn't agree more with you about Alisha. She is such a sweet person and I've also had the most adorable and thoughtful comments from her - as well as yourself, so it's lovely to see the two of you here on the one blog post! :-)

    What a magic cocktail. I'm like the others: probably difficult to find Choya, but I love any cocktail that says "top with Champagne". I shall definitely NOT be using Sprite on this one ;-) Cheers to you both! xo

  9. Jill, thks for your lovely comments! I'm flattered :) U're equally a talented & sweet blogger. Appreciate your kind words. Have a good weekend, dear!


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