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Bee Hoon Using Leftover Satay Sauce

Satay Bee Hoon is a popular food in Singapore. The sauce is a chilli-based peanut sauce, spread over vermicelli; almost similar to the one served with Satay (skewered meat).

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I’d a BBQ recently. Besides having lots of seafood & meat, I also bought some nice Satay to entertain my good friend from Japan. The aunty at the Satay stall is extremely generous with her sauce & very often, I’ve a lot leftover. I just need to freeze it for my next use.

The Satay is direct from factory & it’s cheap & good. You can check out where to buy/order the Satay & many other seafood etc from Chinese New Year Shopping At Woodlands Loop.

Hubby is a fan of Satay Bee Hoon & I’ve used the leftover sauce for the delicious S'pore dish. Here are the main ingredients:

(Serves 2)
10g Bee Hoon
1 small Cuttlefish
100g lean Pork or Chicken
300g Kang Kong vegetables
Leftover Satay sauce

  1. Soak Bee Hoon in water till soft & drain.
  2. Clean Cuttlefish & make criss-cross patterns on the underside.
  3. Cut into equal bite-size lengths.
  4. Rinse pork & slice thinly.
  5. Cut off vegetable roots. * I like to cut the roots without removing the plastic so I won’t dirty my kitchen top should there be any sand residues. For easy management: If your vegetables come tied in rubber bands, cut it just before the band, then remove it.
  6. Pluck leaves & stems using hands & clean thoroughly.
  7. Blanch all ingredients in boiling water item by item & drain. Arrange them neatly on serving plates.
  8. Heat up Satay sauce & pour over Bee Hoon. Serve your Satay Bee Hoon hot!


  1. great conversion Shirley and how not to waste food.

  2. Whoa, homemade 'yao yue ong choy'! Haven't had it for years. Must try this when I'm heading to KL this weekend (to visit my younger brother in Klang). Have a great day ahead, dear.
    Best regards,

  3. Yoohoo! Looks yummy. Next time if i buy satay in bulk, i shall ask for extra satay sauce. LOL!

  4. Good use of leftovers. Your satay bee hoon looks very delicious :)

  5. I don't think I've ever had satay bee hoon before. It sure sounds yummy, especially with the cuttlefish. Great way to use leftovers, Shirley. Love that you topped this over kana kong, my absolute favorite veggie.

  6. Nava, times are bad. Hahaha!

    Kristy, have a safe trip & enjoy your makan sessions!

    Doris, brilliant right?? Hahaha!

    Ann, try that next time :)

    Lequan, I'm surprised! U must try this the next time u're in Spore :)

  7. What a wonderful sounding dish...I know I would love the chili based peanut sauce, but no meat, ha ha. It does sound delightful and a fantastic use of leftovers :)

  8. Alisha, didn't come across to me that u're not a meat lover. I must pay more attention to your recipes. Hahaha! Thks, dear!


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