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Sole Mio Ristorante & Central-Mid-Level Escalators At SOHO

Day 2:
The Central-Mid-Level escalators is one attraction you must see when you visit Hong Kong. The escalators are the longest outdoor covered system in the world, taking the entire trip from top to bottom about 20mins.

Along the escalators are restaurants, galleries & shops catering to expats & the local middle class. Soho, the most popular area, is one you mustn’t miss. It’s filled with cosmopolitan array of boutiques, bars & restaurants.

Take note though, as the escalators run only in 1 direction:
Downhill from 6 – 10am & Uphill from 10am – midnite.
Steps run alongside the escalators, but unless you’re dying for some exercise, ride during uphill hours. (MTR: Central. Exit D1 & take a 5min walk)

Every trip to Hong Kong is a must to the urban chic Soho (South of Hollywood Road) for my gourmet indulgence. This trip, my family & I joined one of the best events ever – the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Food Festival!

Here’s my 16 yr-old son standing @ 1.83m, having fun @ the Soho Street Fair. Even at his height, he’s not that tall after all. Hahaha!

This time, we were a little disappointed to find our fave Italian joint @ Soho gone. It serves one of the nicest Pizzas & Pastas. Nevertheless, we discovered another gem – the Sole Mio.
As the restaurant was one of the participating outlets in the event, we got ourselves quite a good deal – 3-course for just HK$88! Just look at the Ala Carte prices & you'll know what I mean.

The bread basket was a wonder to start with. Its freshly home-made bread was warm & flavoursome, especially the Ink-squid bun. I love Ink-squid pasta but this is the 1st time I’ve tasted Ink-squid bun & boy, it was good. The manager claimed that they’re the only restaurant in HK that serves Ink-squid bun. Mama Mia!

We begin our appetizers with the Vongole Alla Marinara. The fresh clams were sautéed decently in garlic & served with tasty garlic bread. Great taste except for the small portion.

Oh, this Porcini Creamy Mushroom Soup (Ala Carte HK$68) was simply yummy-licious! It’s rich in both taste & aroma. Thumbs-up!

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio is nothing to shout about. Nothing special, really. But……..

…. this Con Rucola Pizza (Ala C HK$135) was a wonder. This pizza came highly recommended. We hesitated initially as we normally prefer our pizzas with some meat or seafood. I must admit that this plain cheezy Pizza caught us by surprise. The wafer thin & crispy pizza is definitely one of the best in Asia.

Hubby picked the steak for main course. The Sirloin was glazed with black pepper sauce. It was value for money. Can’t complain since the entire 3-course was just HK$88/person.

For the dessert, we opted for the Tiramisu. Not the best but it was reasonably good.

We’d a great time at the Food Fest. Soho is definitely the place to chill out & have a good meal. Do check out this place the next time you’re in HK & hopefully, you’ll be able to catch another of their promo.

If you're into Chinese food, hop over to 许留山 (Hui Lao Shan) Healthy Dessert or the Famous Mak’s Wanton Noodle, Hong Kong to check out this eatery that even Anthony Bourdain rave about!

Sole Mio Ristorante Italiano
47, Elgin Street
Midlevels, Soho, Central


  1. Oh, I've been to HK quite a few times and don't think I've ever been the the Central-Mid-Level escalators. I must check that out next time. That picture of your son at the street fair is too funny. The food at this restaurant looks pretty good and decent. Those clams l(ike you said) seemed a bit small though. Glad you guys enjoyed the restaurant all around. Pretty decent prices too.

  2. I think one of the great thing about traveling is tasting the food, suppose none can resist this and its also a great experience, the dessert captured me the most.

  3. This whole post sang my name, love breads, soup is exquisite and the pasta looks fabulous! your a lucky girl to have such a great dining experience... hope your getting the recipes for us (smile)

  4. The food looks good ;) I think the quid ink bun is really unique!

  5. I want to get to Hong Kong! So many great restaurants to choose from. Great post.

  6. Hi Shirley,

    I AM envious! You are enjoying yourself while I am back here slogging. Btw, shouldn't Jon be in school? ;)

  7. Lequan, I know quite a lot of people who went to HK but didn't noe about Central-Mid-Level escalators. I think if u follow tour, they don't bring u to these places :< Oh, my son's pix .... he got to feel what's it's like being "short". Hahaha!

    Nava, food-tasting around the world is marvellous. I miss my flying days......

    Claudia, I like your last line :) Hope to come up with something soon....

    Min, must find ink-squid bun in S'pore.

    Jill, u must try HK if u like to eat :)

    Amy, hahaha! This post is a backlog. The trip was end of last yr. U must've missed the 1st article.

    Simply Life, food was good, no doubt!

  8. Fair and balanced review of the restaurant. Photos look great. Looks like a fun day out.

    Be well

  9. Phew...I'm sure Jon must be saying. Anyhow both mother and son were and I'm sure are still looking good!

  10. Lazaro, long time no see :) Thks for taking the time!

    Amy, don't be too generous with your comments or my head will get bigger. Hahaha!

  11. Wow! Looks like you have a really good time in Hong Kong and i wished i was there with you. You sure have a great bargain there. And to think you have to hold back for such a long period before confessing about this trip here....., LOL

  12. Looks like you guys are having a great time...I would love to explore some of the restaurant, and that mushroom soup alone sounds like a trip worthwhile :)

  13. Doris, I was so busy that I've totally forgotten about the post. LOL! It was a good trip!

    Alisha, hope u'll win a trip to HK like me :)


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