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Photoshoot Workshop Invitation By MindChic Club At MBS!

Courtesy of Tian Teck

It was delightful winning experience to be invited by MindChic Club for a Photo Shoot Workshop with Photography Expert William Cho. The venue? The picturesque Marina Bay Sands!

Courtesy of Tian Teck

When Richard of MindChic Club contacted me about the above event, informing me that one of the best photography experts in Singapore will be sharing his experience & guiding us personally, I was overjoyed. As William focuses a lot on quality & photographer interaction, the group size was deliberately kept very small.

Courtesy of Tian Teck

I was apprehensive about joining initially as I would probably be the only one armed with just a digital camera. Richard is extremely kind & assured me that everyone needs to start from somewhere. Plus, I could bring along a friend too!! I felt much better after hearing that & decided to go ahead with the invite, & I’m glad I did.

Courtesy of Tian Teck

But guess what? I was right after all. All the participants were holding DSL cameras including my friend, Tian Teck! Just look at the pix he took. So pro! I was so paiseh (embarrassed) & felt kinda left out. Nevertheless, take a look at the shots taken with my Canon IXUS 300HS, using only manual mode:

What do you think of these pix? Well, I'm pretty happy with them. I've always been using the Auto Night Scene mode to capture pix in the evenings. But William showed me that I could take even better pix on manual mode :) He patiently guided us in setting ISO, Apeture, Speed etc according to the scenes & angles etc. Pretty cool stuff I never thought I could do!

Well, I'm submitting my 3 best shots to MindChic Club for a special contest. Take a look at William's Collection & maybe it can spur your photography interest.


  1. not too bad Shirley, quite like it and you will get better after more practice, keep up.

  2. Very cool my friend I envy your learning all the tricks of the trade... I have no clue what I am doing! lol cant wait to see the outcome :)

  3. Mmm.... with professional guidance, it really did give your picture a boost. Your pictures are very well taken.

  4. Hey! Shirley... you did well... those are nice shots that you have captured with your camera... they look pro too :)

  5. Wow Shirley, it really does look good! The workshop works wonders :)

  6. These pictures look like pro to me. Good luck in your submission! Well done.

  7. Nava, thks for the motivation! My next challenge is to tackle food pix. LOL!

    Claudia, I'm a jack of all trades but master of none. Hahaha! Thks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

    Doris, yipee! I'm glad u like them too!

    Tian Teck, thks for dropping by! Hahaha! I like the word PRO :)

    Min, the organizer & photographer have been patient with me. Hahaha!

    Babel, I need your blessings since I'm up against the pro. LOL!

  8. Wow, what a wonderful experience! The photos look beautiful. Good luck on the contest. Have a blessed week :)

  9. That looks fabulous! If you didn't tell me, I would not have known that it's taken from a point-and-shoot. After you've learned some tricks, I ought to learn from you too:)

  10. Wow...Shirley, you are very lucky to have someone to teach you photography. Your photos look fantastic. Now you can be my photography teacher :D

  11. Rosidah, thks dear!

    Kayla, u're too kind! I still have lots to learn :)

    Mary, if only I can take food shots this well too. Not easy with digital camera apparently :<

  12. Shirley! You lucky ducky! I would love to have lessons like those. You needn't be embarrassed my dear. Look at all those beautiful and amazing shots you took. They are simply gorgeous. I know nothing about photography, but know a beautiful shot when I see one. Great job with the photos! Night pictures are so hard to take, but you've mastered them with elegance, my friend. Two thumbs and two big toes up. Teehee.


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