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Mother’s Day Handmade Accessories Giveaway!

join mothers day beautiful handmade accessories giveaway
Mother’s Day is approaching soon. To celebrate this special occasion on May 8 & to thank all readers for their support, Luxury Haven is conducting her 2nd Giveaway!

fabulous supor fortune stockpot giveaway
Luxury Haven’s 1st Giveaway was a success. Unfortunately, the earlier contest was only opened to residents of S’pore as it was big item.

As promised, this Mother’s Day Giveaway will be opened to all!! Yes, you've heard it right – it’s International. Plus, I’ve not just 1 but 7 accessories to give away in this contest.

pretty handmade mothers day accesories giveaway
This 2nd Giveaway is very meaningful to me. These costume accessories were hand-made by my 82-yr-old mum. The tiny beads were strung together one by one by her slow & steady hands + bionic eyes after her cataract operation 5 yrs ago :) They're filled with passion & love, & I’m giving them to you with love from S’pore!

Anyone can participate in this contest. You can win this bangle for your mother, or keep it for yourself if you’re a mother. For male readers, you can even win one for your wife.

Here’s what you need to do:
    (1 point will be awarded for each step)
  1. Follow me on my blog if you haven’t.
  2. Follow me on Twitter
  3. Subscribe to Luxury Haven’s newsletter for Free!
  4. Add Luxury Haven to your blogroll.
  5. 'Like' Luxury Haven Facebook Fanpage.
(5 extra points will be awarded for each effort below)
  1. Blog about this Giveaway, with a link to my blog. You may use the 1st photo in this post. Come back & leave me the link to your blog post.
  2. To be fair to readers who're non-bloggers, readers may also go to Luxury Haven’s Facebook Giveaway Photo & click on “Share” (side of page) to share with your friends. It’ll then appear on your wall. Copy & paste the link in the comment box for verification.
* Readers with the most number of points will win the prizes. The more you do the better your chances of winning!

mothers day stunning handmade accessories giveaway
Read instructions carefully:
  • Add a comment on this post on what you’ve done & submit your links in order for me to track your entry. Sorry, I need to do the verification to be fair.
  • Separate comments must be left for each entry for easy computation, or they will only count as one.
  • If you're already a follower etc, just let me know in the comment box.
  • State your pick. Choice 1 & 2. If you’re selected, I’ll try to give you the one you like best. In case your choices are not available due to overwhelming response, I’ll pick at random.
* Closing date: 30 Apr 2011. Winner will be announced on Mother’s Day, 8 May 2011. I will contact you for your postal address & mail the item to you via airmail (regular) post.

luxury haven beautiful handmade accessories giveaway
This is a great effort put up by my 82-yr-old mum, so I'd very much appreciate your active participation. Do pop over to see her other activities like Jewel Bag Made By An 81 Year-old Lady & you may also like to check out what these group of old folks were doing at their golden age @ 80th Birthday, Ageing Gracefully!

Here's wishing all mothers or mothers-to-be, a Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. What a beautiful giveaway, Shirley! I'd be so proud to own one of those beauties. Love all the effort your Mom put into these, that's very touching. Im not on twitter much, but I'm now following you on twitter. (I'm lynnchenrocks haha).

  2. You're already on my blogroll.

  3. I've liked you on FB already.

  4. OMG! I'm joining the party!! I'm already your FB fan!

  5. I've already subscribed to your feed.

  6. I'm already following you....

  7. Done all except blog.!/profile.php?id=631466721

  8. Wow! These bangles are just too lovely to resist. I have always been following your blog.

  9. I do not have a twitter account earlier but have just created one and following you on twitter.

  10. I had long like your FB fanpage since a long long time ago. :)

  11. i had also blog about this great giveaway in my blog. Here's the link:

  12. This is such a beautiful giveaway. I especially like the green and orange bracelets. What a lot of work your mum did!

    I follow you on Twitter (I am @frugalantics)

  13. I also liked your facebook page (as frugal antics of a harried homemaker)

  14. Thank u all for your participation!

    Coldkohmew, pls note point stated above, "Separate comments must be left for each entry for easy computation, or they will only count as one." Kindly comment separately for each step that you've completed. Thks!

  15. Shirley
    That is just a very beautiful giveaway and lovely gesture for your Mom on Mother's day. Above all to share it with all of us--she must be so proud of you. Thank You.
    I am fascinated by the fact that your mother hand made these beautiful pieces of jewelry after her cataract surgery..
    Kudos to her:)
    I have added your link and photo and will spread the word

  16. Now come the most difficult part - my choice. I wish i could own every one - but i can't be too greedy, therefore i'm selecting the red and white beads one as my 1st choice and my second choice will be the turquoise blue one.

    Thank you very much and i hope i could be one of the lucky 7. :)

  17. I nearly missed out this one - blogroll. :) I have added your blog in my blogroll. Do check it out.

  18. One more to go - i had shared about this great giveaway on FB but because i'm an IT idiot (LOL) it had taken me quite awhile to figure out how to post the link here. Now, here's the lnk:

    I'm keeping my finger crossed. ;D

  19. Lovely handsome accessories, its great work from your mum, am already following your blog. Btw, pls select the winners from the many that has commented.

  20. I shared this on my FB :-D. Thanks for the opportunity Shirley!

  21. Hi Shirley, I am lucky enough today. Only need one click! haha... Wow, your mom is so COOL. It's true. You see, even now my eyesight already not so clear due to 'luo fa'. Poor me! haha... But when it comes mahjong then it's very clear. Never miss a joker! haha... Frankly, these gifts are priceless. Good luck to all. Have fun!
    Blessings, Kristy

  22. I have 'like' you in your Facebook Fanpage

  23. I have subscribe to your newsletter

  24. I have 'share' your FB

  25. what a big surprise that your mom did those costume jewelries... i've you in my blogroll, twitter and facebook. she's really great! and i've always love to read your posts..

  26. Baby, kindly comment separately for each step that you've completed or they'll only count as one. Thks!

  27. i'm blogbabyblogger on twitter following you and i thought i've followed you all the time... silly me..

  28. WOW! That are very lovely gifts.
    I'm already your follower :)

  29. Already follow you on twitter :)

  30. Also follow you on Facebook Fanpage :)

  31. Beautiful giveaway, wow you mom is so talented...
    I already follow you :)

  32. what a fun gift idea for mother's day!

  33. That's a very special giveaway! It's fantastic that your mom can still string together those tiny beads at 82 years old.

  34. Hey Shirley - fantastic giveaway! Your mum is so cool and talented! I really love the blue and green ones!

    I will definitely try my best to support such a sweet giveaway!

  35. Thank u so much for all your particpation! Kindly indicate your colour preferences so I can send u what you like should u be one of the winners. Keep your sharing coming to garner more points! Remember: 1 step in 1 comment box!

  36. I am not coming here for the giveaway but rather to show my support. I make those beads bracelets too and I know how much time your mum has spend on those lovely bracelets. They are priceless! Please give her a hug for me and tell her she did a great job!

  37. Those are some lovely bracelets.... I love the green ones the best and then the red and white beads. WOuld love to win one of those..they are gorgeous. This is my Blog

  38. Shared & here's mu link:!/profile.php?id=1477272783. My choices of colours: Pink & Green/white

  39. Your mum is really fantastic to be able to bead at this age. :) Give her a big hug on my behalf okie?

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog. I am adding you to my blogroll, so I will be visiting often. :)

    I think this will make a lovely Mother's Day present. For my mum, I think she will love those light colours, pink/blue. :)

  40. Hi Shirley,you share the same name as my mother.
    If I do win one of the beautiful accessory,it will be the perfect gift for my mum as her birthday's on mother's day. How appropriate!
    I liked your page on the facebook,added you on Twitter,you are in my blogroll and I blogged about your giveaway. Did I leave anything out?

    Check out my blog entry on

  41. Quay Po, thks so much for your heart-warming words. I'll definitely convey your msg to my mum.

    Malli & Babel, I've noted your preferences :)

    Hanushi, thks for dropping by & adding me to your blogroll! Pls do share more to garner your points.

    Stardreamer, thks so much for your lovely post! I tried to leave my comments there but failed. I'm following u now.

    For easy computation & verification, u need to put each step in each comment box (kindly see instructions in post).

    Pls also let me know the name you 'like' under FB, Twitter etc under each box.

    Kindly also give me the link to the blogroll & also your post on this giveaway so others can also visit u.

    U can also subscribe, share d giveaway in FB etc... Sorry, about putting the steps in each box to be fair to all. Thks for your patience!

  42. Beautiful giveaways with special meaning! Someone will become a very lucky winner. All the best, dear.

  43. i admire the blogger. this is very cool. thanks for posting.

  44. Thank u Rosidah & Edel! Have a wonderful weekend!


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