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许留山 (Hui Lao Shan) Healthy Dessert, Hong Kong

Day 3:
One of the things I like to do in between my shopping break is to visit the popular 许留山 (Hui Lao Shan). This mango-specialty dessert eatery is almost everywhere in HK.

许留山 has a wide variety of mango drinks & desserts just like this one that I had. Prices for these fruity drinks are about HK$20 & you’ll get chunks of fresh mangoes.

And of course, you’ll need some snacks to go with your drinks. I like their Radish Cakes best (HK$16)! If you enjoy spicy stuff, go for their radish cakes XO sauce. I must admit they’re a little oily but they’re loaded with dried shrimps & Chinese sausage bits. I guess it’s ok to get a little unhealthy once in a while, right?

And once you’ve gotten enough rest, you’ve to start shopping again. To be continued....

Be sure to check out 许留山 the next time you're in HK. Meanwhile, you may like to read these posts if you haven't:


  1. This is the best, and most remembrance place in HK. Although the price is consider expensive , but I think its worth! I heard that there's another new outlet which is doing similar product blooming out in HK. Did u try that? i forgoten the name.

  2. I tried once with my family at HK. They have a lot of variety on mango desserts, I think. :)

  3. Anything will mango I will drool for sure. Its really difficult to be healthy when traveling but can detox after coming back and cut down on the unhealthy ingredients.

  4. I love the desserts at this place. This is certainly a must-have if you are in Hong Kong. Yes, their mango desserts are spectacular. A friend of mine told me that they used to have an outlet in Singapore, but it never really took off. Such a pity.

  5. Goolooloo, another new joint? Didn't see anything similar. Will chk out next time. Thks for dropping by! Will visit yours soon :)

    Hanushi, oh yes..... fantastic varieties. Like those with coconuts.

    Nava, mango makes nice desserts, don't they? I like the word detox :)

    Kayla, was happy when it opened here @ Int'l Bldg. Went once but was quite empty. Surprised it didn't take off.

  6. Mangoes seem to be very well liked in HK, one reason why I want to visit Hong Kong again one day: the dim sum and the mango puddings ;)!!

  7. you definitely drives with the HK tour advertisement - 买东西吃东西, 买东西吃东西 (shopping eating, shopping eating) and more shopping. ;)

  8. CG, I've the same thought too! I love tim-sum :)

    Doris, isn't that what ladies love? Hahaha!

  9. Mango specialty dessert eatery!? I am in heaven. I luv luv luv mangos. Will definitely have to check this place out when I'm in HK. Thanks for sharing, Shirley. Glad to be back reading your posts. Sorry I've been MIA lately.

  10. Lequan, I know u're gonna like this post. Hahaha!


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