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Hong Kong Avenue of Stars & Free Wi-Fi for Visitors

Day 3 (continued part II):
For those who've visited Hong Kong would probably have been to the Avenue of Stars. But are you aware that there is a Symphony of Lights laser show at 8pm nightly & it’s FREE?

The Symphony of Lights covers more than 40 buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbour & it’s the world’s largest permanent light & sound show. This tourist attraction is along the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade featuring handprints of stars, sculptures including the legendary Bruce Lee. Over here, you get a panoramic view of the harbour & HK island skyline. To go there, just exit at MTR East TST Station & go to Exit J.

Before or after the show, take a stroll along Nathan Road & you’ll find numerous shops & eateries. You can even visit the famous Ladies Market @ Tung Choi Street which is just a couple of stations away.

If you’re a shopper like me, walk to Ladies Market instead of taking a train. This way, you’ll be assured you won’t miss out any bargains along the way. For 1st-time visitors, this popular must-go open-air market is selling everything from clothing to accessories, toys etc. Go to Mong Kok Station & Exit E2.

So what do you do after a tired day of shopping non-stop? Head for a Foot Massage to pamper your poor feet!!

Below are 2 of my regular ones which provide comfortable & professional services at decent prices:

水云荘 沐足 (Top Comfort Foot Massage)
45-47 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Price: 85 mins Foot & shoulder @ HK$328

大班美容水療足浴中心 (Taipan Feflexology & Foot Spa)
Basement, 66-70 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (near Holiday Inn Golden Mile)
Price: 50 mins @ HK$168

Oh, before I leave you for my trip to HK Disneyland, I need to shout about the Free Wi-Fi Hotspots for visitors to HK. It's widely available in libraries, coffee shops & shopping malls. All you need to do is search for Wi-Fi network (SSID) named “PCCW” using your mobile phone there & you’ll get the latest info about HK! Till then…….

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  1. Enjoy your wonderful holiday Shirley, yes have read much about the lights, popular among many bloggers.

  2. Love your clear instructions on the directions on where and how to reach the various tourist and shopping spots. I believed it would be of great help to 1st timer who would like a free and easy visit in HK without having to spend a lot on transportation.

  3. Nava, that's a great place for bloggers who're into photography. Fantastic views coupled with the laser lightings :)

    Doris, glad u found my directions useful. Good for those on free n easy trips :)

  4. Oh I've visited this Avenue of Stars before, but never knew they had a light show. Oh well, next time. Girl, you know how to vacation, shopping and then foot massage after? Please hide me in your luggage next time. Haha. HK is my favorite place to shop and eat so far.

  5. Lequan, a lot of people who went kinda missed the show; most were unaware. Way to go!

  6. Hope you had a good time...what a wide range of information abt HK. Good Job

  7. That looks so wonderful all the way from that gorgeous light show, down to the comfy foot pampering...Hope you are having an amazing vacation :)

  8. Malli, thks! Glad u found it useful :)

    Alisha, thks again! I'd a great time :)


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