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Famous Mak’s Wanton Noodle, Hong Kong

Day 1:
Ok, I’m confessing now. I won tickets to Hong Kong end of last year & off we went, family of three, to the Pearl of the Orient. Hong Kong is one of our regular hunts for food & bargains & I travel there quite often.

That evening, we arrived very late. It was already close to midnite when we reached town & we were looking for a place to have supper.

Doesn’t he look familiar? OMG, it’s Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations!! I love watching his culinary adventure. Hubby & I spotted his pix posted on the window of this eatery & that was enough reason to make us step into Mak’s Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家).

Upon seated, we found more of Anthony’s pix on the tables, along with the menu. Needless to say, we ordered Mak’s Signature Wanton Noodles @ HK$28/bowl & a plate of Kailan (price not avail).

We were taken aback when the noodles were served. They came in really small bowls. Thank God, we already had our meals on board the plane & we just needed to have a taste of Hong Kong before bedtime. Hahaha!
Well, good stuff normally don't come in big portions, don't they? LOL! Oh, I love the springy noodles, cooked “Al Dente”, & you get one whole prawn inside the wantons. We slurped up the delicious soup which is made of dried fish, shrimp & shrimp roes. Yum-yum!

If you do visit the eatery, make sure you’ve your meal first or you may need at least 3 bowls of these sampling sizes before they fill your stomach. * Pls note that only the branch at Jordan opens till 1am, others till 10pm.

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Mak’s Noodles
G/F, 77 Wellington St.
Central (MTR Exit D1 & D2)

G/F 44, Jardine's Bazaar
Causeway Bay
55 Jordan, Kowloon


  1. Lucky you to win tickets to Hong Kong! I do miss wonton noodles and these sound so delicious!

  2. Shirley, you lucky ducky you! So jealous that you won free tickets to HK. That is my absolute favorite place to visit and eat (so far). It's almost like anywhere you eat, it's going to be good there. Even the smaller less expensive restaurants are amazing. Although I have tried a few not very good places, but most of them usually do not disappoint. Wanton noodles are a must eat in HK huh? Their soup is so much tastier than anywhere in Canada's. There absolutely no comparison. I'll surely have to give this place a try next time I'm there. So true though, usually the best things come in small sizes. Oh and one more random thought. I hate it when restaurants state shrimp wontons, but they mix it with pork. One of my biggest pet peeves! If it's shrimp, then shrimp is all I want to see. Ok I'm done complaining. Lol. Glad to know yours had a whole shrimp.

  3. Anthony Bourdain is my fav too, can't stop watching all his programs. Like the kailan with the sauce.

  4. HOw lucky! I am actually following his food trail when I get to SF as well :)

  5. Oh I had the exact same wanton noodle too! Hehe... I'll be back for more of your HK trip :)

  6. Soooo lucky you won a ticket to HK! I would be jumping up and down all day if I did lol. How brilliant you must've had such a great time! Must say your tastebuds definitely did lol. The noodles look so delicious! I've been to HK but haven't tried the place you mentioned. Can't wait to read more about HK! Exciting place to visit :D

  7. Biren, I'm one lucky gal! Hahaha!

    Lequan, u're totally right! It's just like Bangkok, where u can stop at any eatery to have a nice meal after shopping :) Looks like we've more things in common :)

    Nava, u're his fan too?? Perhaps we can watch his program together one day :)

    Penny, looks like we've another Anthony's fan here!

    Little Inbox, love everything about the noodle :)

    Min, u did? Clever girl! How did u get to know of this restaurant?

    Sharon, hahaha! I thought it was a scam initially. LOL! Remember to come back for more!

  8. denise @ bread expectationsApril 8, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    Wow! It's been ages since I last saw Hong Kong - I was still a teenager at the time LOL

    HK food really is amazing. Even the stuff I usually wont try, like pi tan chok, I was willing to eat in HK because everything looks and smells so amazing!

    These wanton noodles look fantastic. The noodles are perfectly textured and I can see the prawns in the wantons!! I think maybe I will need 4 bowls? :P

  9. now I'm craving a big bowl of noodles!

  10. Hong Kong may be my very favorite food city in the world. I was lucky enough to have reason to travel there often some years ago. Couldn't get enough of the delicious food, and the noodle soups were to die for!

  11. Denise, HK is so near. I'm surprised u haven't been there for so long. Yah, I like pi tan chok too. I was told the pi tan there tastes different but I don't taste the difference. Hahaha! 4 bowls? Didn't know u're such a big eater!

    Simply Life, hahaha!

    Frank, lucky u! I'm sure u'd enjoyed your food trail there. Been to Singapore too?

  12. lucky girl to win a trip to HongKong. Now I hope you will be lucky win a trip to Aberdeen here! :D You will get to eat Scottish food...hehe. Love those noodles. It's hard to look at them when I have not taken my breakfast. I better run for food...haha

  13. Mary, how I wish....... I've not been to Aberdeen & would love to fly there to meet u.

    Shirley, have a good week ahead!

  14. That soup does look and sound you get to go everywhere :)

  15. Alisha, isn't it nice that I get to travel now & then? Envy me? Hahaha!


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