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"Sky" At Il Cielo, Hilton Singapore

Adding to the new list of restaurants sprouting out here is il Cielo, an Italian joint @ Hilton S’pore.
If you’re looking to savour authentic Italian cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients overlooking a rooftop pool, this is the place to go.

Quickies for a start: a basket of home-made bread. An assortment of accompaniments came with it: Pesto, Olive oil with a drop of Balsamic Vinegar & Tomato paste.

This warm bread was crispy on the outside & soft on the inside, with a tasty cherry tomato sitting on it.

Their 3-course set lunch is pretty reasonable @ S$35++. My friend took the set lunch but I found the Ala Carte more interesting.

It was a gorgeous start. I ordered the Capesante (S$22), which is a trio of Scallops. The fresh & succulent Scallops were presented with Foie Gras & topped with Truffle in wine reduction; wrapped in Pancetta with Parsley foam; Saffron sauce & topped with Caviar. It was a harmonious appetizer for the senses!

I’d the Tagliatella (S$28) for the main. The ink-squid pasta was tossed with crab meat, lobster, asparagus & tomatoes. I thought the combination was perfect, but I’d prefer more sauce as it was a little dry. The seafood was lovely.

il Cielo has a fantastic variety of interesting Pizzas with ingredients like Lobster, Caviar etc. Too bad I was pressed for time. Would definitely love to try their Pizzas the next time I return. Rating: 4/5

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Il Cielo
Level 24, Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6730-3395


  1. I love the way the food was presented and the pasta seems very interesting.

  2. I'd take a dip in any pool right now, let alone a roof top pool - simply gorgeous. Your lunch was a steal at $35 Shirley! Great choices too. If we ever do meet, we must go on a seafood eating feast. Seeing all your seafood meals and dishes here always make me drool. I cannot wait till my kiddies are older so I can have these kinds of relaxed lunches with my girlfriends. None of that rushed, only order dessert type. Lol. Sounds like you enjoyed the meal and had a wonderful time :-)

  3. This looks like a great place to have Sunday lunch. I have recently returned to Singapore. I used to love the cheesecake in Hilton hotel. they are so lovely, and so pretty. Thanks for recommending yet another place that I can visit when I am there. I should probably go there soon.

  4. yummy, you should have try at rubato's too ...

  5. Nava, the menu is quite interesting on the whole.

    Lequan, the pool does look very inviting. Hope the date of our mtg will come soon & let's go pig out :)

    Kayla, Hilton cheesecake is no doubt the best. Hope u'll find my blog informative enough. Do drop by often :)

    Ian, I've not heard of rubato..... will chk it out :)

  6. Sorry for the late visit, Shirley dear. I can imagine how enjoyable it is having great food at a fabulous place with gorgeous view. Felt like a princess. haha.... Surely, I'll try to make my own ink-squid pasta one day. I have the ink frozen over 6 months already!

  7. Kristy, definitely felt like a princess dining in places like these. Just curious, where can u buy ink squid? Always wanted to cook my own but no idea where to get.


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