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Osia, Dining At Resort World Sentosa

Serving a delectable menu is one of the more prominent restaurants @ Resort World Sentosa, the Osia. It’s casual elegance with both indoor & Al Fresco seating with an open kitchen concept.
The contemporary restaurant's innovative Ala Carte menu is inspired by fresh Australian produce, & the people behind is none other than the Famous Australian Celebrity Chef Scott Webster, together with Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay.

I was there for lunch & I was already sold from the beginning. A tray of stone-hearth Flatbread was served, accompanied by butter, olive oil & a tube of tomato paste. It may be a small gimmick, but it’s a novelty approach; to fascinate guests like me :) The Flatbread is so appetizing with the crispy garlic topping; it’s good alone even without the paste.

Here’s a pix showing the attention showered by the server, spreading the tomato paste on the Flatbread.

For a start, you’ll find oceanic love with Osia’s Seafood Ice Experience @ S$29; a harmony of flavours & details of sensual delight. This think out-of-the-box concept, with a wide array of fresh seafood cured with refreshing citrus juices & spices, is definitely a cut above the rest.

The concoction:
Pineapple Lemongrass Ice, Blue Fin Tuna
Quandong Orange Ice, Amaebi Shrimp
Calamansi ‘Mojito’ Ice, Sea Scallop
Lychee Martini Ice, Oyster
Watermelon Lillipilli Ice, Lobster
Apple Celery Ice, Tasmanian Salmon

I’ve not tried Oyster soup before. The Emulsion of Oyster @ S$23, is another tour de force. The robust soup tasted so good together with the wilted Spinach, plus fresh Oyster.

This dining experience has definitely changed my perception of Aussie cuisine. Honestly, my many feasting adventures in Australia have always been simple & straight-forward, nothing fanciful. Over at Osia, the menu & food entice me, building my anticipation on what’s to come next.

From the grill, I chose the King Prawn, 400gm @ S$66. OMG, it was one of the most gigantic prawns I’ve ever seen! The crustacean was well-grilled to perfection, yet retaining its juiciness.

The sides that I’d opted for: Baby Spinach S$9, was gently sautéed in a creamed sauce. It went really well together. Very nice!

At S$66 for such huge prawns in a upmarket restaurant, I’d say it’s a steal! I can’t imagine what kind of prices the infamous Newton Circus is gonna charge for this size of prawns.

For those who’re new to Newton Circus, it’s a popular non air-con open-air food centre especially for tourists; but it has quite a notorious reputation for its ridiculous pricing. If you’re ever introduced to that place when you’re in S’pore, be sure to check out the market price of seafood if you don’t want your head to be “chopped off” there. Despite this being said, it's still a popular hunt for tasting S'pore cuisine.

I was already so full after my seafood satisfaction, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation of Osia’s signature dessert. The Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup @ S$20 is such a joy. The Black Peppered Ice Cream with Sesame Crisp gave a different twist to this warm molten chocolate. Thumbs-up!

So do remember to pay Osia a visit the next time you’re at Sentosa. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time there, just like I did. Rating: 4/5

Sentosa Festive Walk, Level 2
Tel: +65 6577 6560


  1. Gorgeous food, The Osia seafood is so great, wish I can a place here to try the same. Must be worth the try and it surely sounds so after reading all your comments.

  2. That restaurant sounds fantastic! The shear size of those prawns is worth the visit, itself! =)

  3. Shirley, your pictures are driving me crazy. You know I'm a seafood fanatic and that seafood ice experience has my eyes popping out. These prices seempretty decent for such a beautiful resort. This place is definitely a must try. Oh and the tomato tube paste would fascinate me too :-D

  4. What a beautiful restaurant! The food looks amazing :)

  5. Nava, love those seafood swimming in the juices. Smuck-smuck!

    Peggy, u must try the next time u're here :)

    Lequan, hahaha! That's the whole idea. Got u!!

    Alisha, quite a chic restaurant with reasonable pricing.

  6. that looks like a fun place to go!

  7. Simply Life, one place you mustn't miss when you're in S'pore :)


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