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The Enchanting Au Jardin

Fancy dining at a French fine-dining restaurant in a colonial bungalow? Nestled in the tropical Botanic Gardens is the renown Au Jardin, which means “in the garden”. Hailed as one of the best restaurants in Singapore, this charming restaurant has quickly gotten into my A-list the very 1st time I visited more than 10 yrs ago & has never failed me since.

If you’re in a romantic mood, remember to book their popular lovers’ corners; perfect spot for with a view over-looking the lush greenery.

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This time, there were few of us so we sat in the “hall”, a far cry from the window seat. It wasn’t my glutton self that evening, so I’d opted for a 4-course from the Table d’ Hote Menu @ S$150/pax.

Lobster Roe Custard was served as the Amushe Bouche. A witty idea indeed; a delectable twist to the conventional Japanese Chawanmushi. The silky texture blended very well with the Sea Grape, a type of seaweed as explained.

For the Hors d-oeuvres, I was to choose 2 & I went for the Foie Gras & the Scallop Tartare. I know I’m boring, but I just can’t help choosing the Foie Gras. The temptation was too great. This delicacy was beautifully plated along with some fruits & drizzled in passion fruit gel, which was an excellent accompaniment.

The Scallop was an interesting dish with a unique presentation, I must declare. This sashimi dish was so fresh & I was dying to dig into it upon seeing the Truffles.
I was surprised to find an egg yoke. I broke it & mixed it well. OMG, the taste was so divine & I’ve not tasted anything as heavenly as this.

So whether you're letting the scrummy Foie Gras melts in your mouth, or having the scented Truffles drown in the “indecent” fresh & dried Scallops as you gobble up everything, you’ll be assured your taste buds will be dancing to the magic flavours.

The Wagyu Short Rib was roasted & braised in a red wine reduction. Even at medium-well, the succulent beef almost melted with joy in my mouth.

While waiting for our desserts, an array of sweets was served as Compliments from the Chef.

Interestingly, the Rose Petal Crème Brulee that I’d chosen didn’t appear as I’d expected. It was presented in the form of a slice cake. The mixture of the Mascarpone Cheese & Raspberry Sponge was intriguing. I was surprised to taste Rhubarb in the Sorbet, which is a vegetable plant. Love the dessert!

It was another satisfying meal @ Au Jardin. Not a single dish has failed me & I’d definitely return again & again.

If you’ve the chance to dine here, be sure to take a stroll at the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5am to midnight every single day of the year. Best part, it does not charge an admission fee!

S’pore Botanic Garden Vistors Ctr
Cluny Road
Tel: (65) 6466 8812


  1. Shirley, looks like you had a wonderful meal. I've never seen a scallop served like that before, how interesting. And the creme brûlée definitely would've been a surprise to me. Hope I will one day be able to experience a lovely meal like this here.

  2. I have been here before. I love the ambience and the food there is commendable. The service there is excellent too.

  3. Looks like you're still eating well! Sounds like a lovely meal!

  4. What an incredible place! I love the plants. The food are exquisite works of art. I particularly like the wagyu short ribs and the desserts. Lucky you!

  5. Lequan, it's my 1st time too & it tasted great! Keep your fingers crossed. I'm sure u will one day :)

    Quay Po, good to see someone sharing the same reviews :)

    Peggy, I've no complaints. Hahaha!

    Adora's Box, glad u like the post :)

    Alisha, u may like to try this place the next time u're here.

  6. What a beautiful setting! Perfect for this French indulgence.

  7. Rose Petal creme brulee is served in such a creative way and reading your feedback, yummy too.
    Have to agree with you Shirley on the lovely setting of this place.

  8. What a gorgeous restaurant. And they have canelles - yum!

  9. This sure is an indulgence. Dinning in a garden which served such beautifully presented dishes.


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