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Celebrating Real Love Works 2011

Real Love is all about Celebrating 20 years of marriage,

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with home-cooked meals,

Celebrating Earth Hours together,

Saying it with flowers,

Doing things together as family,

Piggy-backing your spouse,

Renewing your vows,

And announcing to the world, “I Love U!”

Let’s grow old together,
Let’s hold each other close & whisper through the night…… pledging our love & honouring our commitment.

Let’s grow old together & look back on life & smile!

At Real Love Works, the celebration goes beyond just toasting the special milestones in marriage. I’m submitting this post to Real Love Works 2011 @ the Marriage Central S'pore, to celebrate love, passion & commitment.

Here's wishing all couples a better tomorrow & many more new reasons to SMILE! I wish upon the star that yours is a beautiful one filled with LOVE!


  1. Wow Shirley, you've been married twenty years already?! Congratulations! Thats a big accomplishment (in my opinion). You sure are looking young and beautiful! Such lovely and fun pictures you've shared with us here. I love the piggy backing one - so cute! You have a beautiful family, Shirley. Well said, here's to "wishing all couples a better tomorrow & many more new reasons to SMILE!". Wishing you and your loved one many many more happy years. Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Congratulations, Shirley! Are you celebrating your anniversary? I noticed that your sweetheart has putting on a little bit of weight lately. Guess, after you started up cooking! haha... Ahhh.. you fed him well , don't you! haha... Hope you're enjoying every moment of it. Have fun!
    Blessings, KRisty

  3. Such a sweet post!

  4. Congratulations!!! What a sweet post!

  5. Doris, thks!

    Lequan, I like the Piggy-back one too. Luckily for me, hubby is big-size standing @ 1.85m. Hahaha! I like your family portraits too :) May u stay happy & loving forever!

    Kristy, hubby kept putting the blame on me whenever he puts on weight. LOL! I'd celebrated my 20th Anniversary last Oct. This is a post for the Marriage Central celebrating love :)

    Natasha & Simply Life, thks for dropping by again!

  6. What a wonderful post...beautiful family!

  7. Congrats on your 20 years of marriage! That is definitely something to celebrate :)


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