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Reunion Dinner - Bountiful Goldfish Salad (年年有余)

chinese new year goldfish salad recipe
I'm a great fan of food art and this is my 1st attempt creating this Bountiful Goldfish Salad. Nian Nian You Yu (年年有余) symbolizes abundance though the year. The character 余 (Yu) is the homophone of 鱼 (Yu). Hence, fish was used to highlight this Chinese New Year dish.

I wanted to use Strawberries for the tail and fins, and Mango for salad but had to do a 180 deg change at the eleventh hour when I couldn’t find any of these 2 ingredients in the supermart.

My mind had to work fast on the spot as I’d to prepare 7 dishes for the evening all by myself. So I replaced with Green Apple for the salad, Smoked Salmon for fins and Jelly Fish for the tail.

cny goldfish salad featured at omy
The result was a refreshing appetizer.
This recipe, together with my 2 other CNY recipes, has been featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat!

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Also featured @ PtitChef as 'Starter of the Day!' and

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I’d fun decorating the fish, seeking opinion from my hubby on and off, on the manner the fish looks etc. I was ready to present this appetizer for our reunion dinner once he gave the final approval :)

800g medium Prawns
1 Green apple
1 can of Tuna flakes
3 slices Smoked salmon (fins, mouth)
Few strands of Jelly fish (tail)
2 tbsp Mayonnaise
1 tsp Parsley flakes
2 Raisins (eyes)
1 Dried Cherry (mouth)
Grounded black pepper
Lettuce for decoration

  1. Shell and devein prawns. Rinse. Blanch prawns in boiling water. Remove immediately when prawns turn pink and transfer to cold water to top cooking process.
  2. how to make pretty prawn salad for cny
  3. Half the prawns and set aside.
  4. Remove apple skin. Cut into cubes and put in salt water to prevent it from turning brown. Mix tuna with apples, mayo, parsley and pepper.
  5. how to make lovely apples salad for cny
  6. Begin moulding the shape of the fish by using the tuna mixture. To make "scales", layer the prawns according to pix below.
  7. how to make beautiful seafood salad for cny
  8. When shape is formed, use mayo to make patterns on the body. Finally, cut the 2 slices of smoked salmon into the shape of fins; roll 1 slice to form the mouth. Cut cherry into tiny bites and add 1 to the center of the mouth. Decorate tail with Jelly Fish and you’ll get your creative dish for the festive mood!
how to make cny lovely goldfish salad recipe
*Tip: Do not dispose prawns heads and shells. Keep them; they make tasty stock. Check out my Prawn Bisque Recipe!

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  1. Shirley, this is such a beautiful and creative dish. I think you found great substitutions, despite having to work under pressure. Seven dishes is a lot to make for one person. Glad everything worked out for you.

  2. WOW!!! Shirley! This is beautiful, if I were there I won't spoil it by eating LOL

    Hope you had a marvellous CNY :)

  3. Just as i was thinking, how could you bare to eat such a beautiful fish..... but your recipe is just too tempting to resist. Oh no, to eat or not to eat? LOL.

  4. Food art is something I admire too, but no patience to try. You've done well.

  5. that is amazing!! how creative you are. :)

  6. An awesome creation, gorgeous! This is art on a plate for sure!

  7. Yummy! that looks like a mouth drooling recipe. thanks for sharing!

  8. Lequan, I used to prepare 10-course dinners but I'd a maid to help me then. 7-course already took me a day to prepare. LOL! Thank God I didn't have to wash the dishes after that. Hahaha!

    Denise, great to have u back again :)

    Doris, u're always so funny! My mom-in-law thought it was a display when I brought it to show her. She only realized it was food when she touched it. It was so hilarious!

    Shirley, I agree that food art needs patience. Looking at just a pix & trying to model after it is no easy task.

    Penny, your comment means a lot!

    Natasha, thks & I appreciate your kind words.

    ME07, thks for visiting!

  9. Oh wow...that's totally creative, Shirley! I would dive for the fish head first...all the prawns :D

  10. you are extremely creative this is wonderful!

  11. Me too! I won't spoil it as well. Don't mind if I'm joining in, right! :o)
    祝你一家大小 : 新年快乐 心想事成 身体健康! 恭喜恭喜! Enjoy & have a fabulous time!
    Best wishes,

  12. That is so adorable! I am so impressed.

  13. Mary, I knew it! Hahaha!

    Pegasusland, thks for dropping by!

    Kristy, 心想事成? I like that!

    Nava, just need to look at pix of a fish :) It was well worth the effort :)

    Emily, thks & hope u'll try this out too!

  14. What an artist and a whizz in the kitchen preparing all these dishes. Well done, Shirley!

  15. Artfully presented! And Shirley, I am sure it is delicious too. A very befitting dish for the coming CNY!

  16. what a lovely design and i believe it must have tasted superb as well! Gong Xi Fa Choi to you Shirley :)

    1. Ken, thks for your lovely note! It's a very refreshing starter. U must try it to know. Hahaha! Happy CNY to u too!

  17. What a spectacular dish, Shirley!

    1. Reana, thks dear! It's one of my prides too :)


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