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OpenRice S'pore Food Tasting Event At Charly T's

OpenRice is a fast-growing online dining guide in Asia with 150,000 restaurants & 450,000 dining reviews. I was invited for a food-tasting session last Saturday @ Charly T’s. Charly is a casual dining place with innovative ways of serving chicken & other mains, complemented by ‘additions’ of comfort foods & interesting desserts & cocktails.

Our first course was the Spanish Omlette (S$8.50), which was also one of my favourite on the menu. Very interesting taste – sour & a little spicy. I love the potato cubes which were crunchy & went well with the German Sausages. The Dilly Toast was fantastically crispy & tasted real good with the Cottage Cheese. I was trying hard not to finish it as we’d a lot more dishes lining up for us ahead.

Next were the Wraps – Bratwurst & Sauerkraut (S$16) & the Sesame Teriyaki Chicken (S$12.50), paired with Potato Salad with Bacon & Butter Garlic Rice; Roasted Sesame, Kampong Amber & the Ginger Lemon sauces.

The wraps were tasty enough; you don’t actually need the sauces. I prefer the Bratwurst & Sauerkraut with cheese oozing out of the Tortilla; the gem inside - a flavourful chunky German Sausage. However, I found the Teriyaki Chicken too sweet for my liking. Portions of the wraps are generous & very filling.

Food on Sticks - Kampong Amber Chicken (S$13.50), also came with the Garlic Rice & served with Chimichurri & Kampong Amber sauces. The Chimichurri is a mix of parsley, red wine, vinegar & red pepper, while the latter is Charly T’s version of Satay peanut sauce. The Chicken is much tastier than your usual satay & goes well with either of the sauces. I like it!

A selection of quenchers were alined for us to choose. Red Tang (Strawberry, Cranberry, Lychee), CT’s Cool Aid (Barley, Pear & Lemonade), Green Flash (Apple, Orange & Pineapple), CA Breezing (Carrot, Apple, Celery & Watermelon) & Mojito. I went for the Red Tang, which is a hot fave among the ladies @ Charly T’s. Revitalizing….

I was also served the Lychee Mojito. Traditionally, Mojito is made up of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water & mint. A very stimulating cocktail!

Discovered in Germany, Charly T’s Signature Dish finally arrived – the Rotisserie Chicken. Whole (S$42), Half (S$24), Qrt (S$13) - all come with choices of Sauces & Sides. The famous Chicken takes 13 hours to marinate in Charly's secret spices & 50 mins to give the exterior a special crisp while sealing in the juices. I must say it has certainly lived up to its name. Chicken was juicy & so tender that the meat falls off the bone easily. Thumbs-up!

Next on the stick was the Kalua Pork, served with Fresh Vegetables. When I first heard the name, I was fully in anticipation as I thought the pork is marinated in the coffee flavored liqueur – Kahlua. But I was totally wrong. The word Kalua literally means "to cook in an underground oven" & also describes the flavour of food cooked in this manner.

The Kalua Pork uses the 3-layer pork belly, but it wasn’t fatty at all. Due to the cooking process, all the fats have melted. While the top layer was tender & practically melted in my mouth, the bottom layer was dry & I found the pork a little bland. It fell short of expectation.

This is the Avocado Dijon Chicken Salad (S$14). Nice presentation but the Chef was probably too heavy-handed on the Cajun mustard, as few of us found it too sour. Otherwise, it'd be perfect healthy salad dish.

Cajun spices were also used in this New Orleans Beef Salad (price unavail). The medium-raw striploin was succulent & delicious.

Desserts finally arrived. We were served the Lemon Cheese Cake (S$7) & the Brownie (S$7). I’d requested for ice-cream as I felt it’d go better with it. It was a brilliant idea as their ice-creams tasted real good & it was a nice combination. Their Vanilla ice-cream uses no vanilla essence at all; only made with the goodness of vanilla beans. We’d a chance to savour their seasonal item – Pineapple Tart ice-cream. This was the best of all. It wasn’t too sweet & taste was unique. Love it!

All praises went to their Waffle, infused with Chocolate Chips (S$7) & drizzled with maple syrup. Waffle was crispy on the outside & I love biting into the choc bits. Their full-size waffle is just S$7. This is just a tasting portion that you’re looking at. Must try!

Charly T's cozy atmosphere is suitable for families or hanging out with friends. Food sharing is highly recommended here so you can taste their different specialities. I was told that this friendly eatery is like a concept store to test out their recipes to see if they’re acceptable to S’poreans, & an expansion is also on the cards.

Thank you Priscilla & Dudi of OpenRice, for inviting me to this event, & Charly T's generous serving of food & warmth hospitality!

Charly T’s
20 Handy Road
Level 1, NOMU (beside The Cathay)
Tel: +65 6336 7789


  1. Shirley, whoa another tasting even huh! You made me so jealous. LOL! haha.... Oh man,so loving those drinks and both salads. Btw, what's in both salads? I noticed some pineapple in the beef salad bowl. Must make my own soon! Thanks for sharing. Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Good night,

  2. wow - plenty to taste, Mojito will be my first choice.

  3. Look at all that wonderful food you got to eat. I'm so jealous right now! I totally would've picked the Red Tang as well, that sounds delicious. The lychee mojito would've been my second pick. This place sounds great, too bad we don't have one here :(

  4. Kristy, just the usual vegetables with dressing. Only the beef has few slice of oranges.

    Nava, looks like u like cocktails :)

    Jay, thks for dropping by again!

    Lequan, that was a lot of food we had. Great that we've the same likes. Chk out this place when u drop by S'pore the next time!

  5. Ohh!! Nice range of foods. What a lovely experience.

  6. Hey !! thx for dropping a note on my blog ! yup nice meeting you and ur blog is pretty awesome too !! see u around online !! : )

  7. are so lucky to be invited to such a fun food tasting session. I love every dish. The presentation are beautiful. The Spanish omelette looks simple and delicious. Must try that at home.

  8. This sounds like an awesome tasting event! I'm sure you were quite stuffed afterwards!

  9. The Lychee Mojito definitely caught my attention :)

  10. Hi Shirley! Thanks for popping by my blog and for your kind comment too :). Loving what I'm seeing here! I love knowing about where to eat in different countries and what's good to order! Such a wonderful display of food I can hardly pick my favourite! Lychee mojito sounds good. You only get exotic flavours like that in Asia. I had my first lychee drink in Hong Kong - a lychee martini - and I thought it was so good! :D

  11. Penny, it was another good experience.

    Smith, good to see u :)

    Mary, I'd like to try the omlette at home too :)

    Peggy, we ate like a pig. Hahaha!

    Shirley, the host was extremely generous. A lot to try :)

    Juliet, it's an interesting drink. Your kind of place since u like sausages.

    Simply Life, it tasted great too!

    Sharon, I'm glad u found the blog informative. U've a great blog too. I'm sure Mary must be very proud of u :) Stay tuned for contests etc!

  12. Such a lovely meal! I love the idea of those sausage wraps and the waffles look amazing!

  13. Wow, great post! Many details noted. Perhaps some day we could visit this blog for Luxury haven's version of mojito.

  14. Hi Shirley,

    Many thanks for your compliments.
    Glad that you enjoyed yourself.

    Just to let you know, we are running a promotion on BigDeal at the moment.
    with a tagline of "50% OFF on Cash Voucher for International Cuisines at Charly T’s. Buy as Many as You Want & Enjoy Life’s Exciting Food Journeys"

    Looking forward to your visits!


  15. Thank u, Natasha n Doris!

    Steven, thks for being such a wonderful host! Promo sounds great. Will chk out! All the best!


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