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Magical RoboMop, My New Maid!

My new maid arrived over the weekend! Perfect timing, just after the busy Chinese New Year period. It has been crazy weeks, with guests in & out of my house. It’s clean-up time!

If you ask me what’s the coolest gadget now, I’d say it’s ROBOMOP! This Norwegian cordless invention is simply awesome! It cleans under furniture like bed & sofa, where it’s so difficult to reach, & it miraculously bounces off once it hits any walls.

Regardless of whether your flooring is parquet, marble or ceramic, it glides smoothly without manipulation, picking up dust, dirt & hair.
The Electrostatic Dust Pad attracts dirt & hair like a magnet. What captured my attention is this, ”The no. 1 source of asthma and other allergies is loose dust particles. RoboMop targets exactly this type of dust in addition to removal of light stains.” RoboMop keeps my home dust-free, which helps people with sinus problems like my son.

And when your Cleaning Frame is broken, just contact RoboMop & request for a new Frame FREE OF CHARGE for up to one year from purchase. So remember to keep your receipts! * Shipping & handling charges apply.

So is the RoboMop gonna cost you thousands of dollars? No! Hundreds of dollars?? Nope. You won't believe just how cheap it is to own one of these marvellous gadgets!

* RoboMop is at an unbelievable price of only: S$59.90 with free delivery within Singapore & incl 5 Electrostatic Pad!! Refill Dust Pads are just S$10 for 25 pcs!

Using it is really easy:

  1. Simply attach an Electrostatic Pad that comes with it.
  2. Set the cleaning time on the Robotic Ball.
  3. Place it in the Cleaning Frame & watch RoboMop magically sweeps your floors for you!
I found this video on YouTube. (Slight difference, eg. the one I have has a 3-pin plug). Watch it to see in in action!

* Due to overwhelming queries, RoboMop Agent has decided to give a discount to readers here. Check out RoboMop, Special Price for Luxury Haven's Readers!!

To order your very own RoboMop, please contact:
Joseph Lee @ HP: +65 96774854


  1. I think I've actually seen this before. They also have a vacuum version something like this. Don't think it's the same makers though. This is great for when you're out all day and just don't have the time. My kids would love chasing this around. I should put mops on their feet too. Haha.

  2. Good, a robot maid. And it's so cheap, can't wait to order one for myself now. Thanks for the information

  3. Shirley, thks for the excellent review! It's very informative.

    I'd love to order one for myself. Just wondering if they can special price for readers here. Heehee!

  4. really looks very helpful for all hidden corners. Can this be found at Malaysia?

  5. I need one like this. Thanks for this info. :-) But I wonder if the 1 year warranty apply outside of Singapore.

  6. Ha... I'd get one of these if I could stop my dogs from chasing it around the house and/or eating it =)

  7. Thks for dropping by! Will check with agent the above questions :)

  8. The agent has reverted & you may click on this link for more info RoboMop, Special Price for Luxury Haven's Readers!! on your questions :)

  9. This is the best invention!
    I received mine on Friday and gosh, I am so impressed. Like what you have said, it really attracts dust and hairs like a magnet. It can even go in and out of rooms! So intelligent!
    Thanks Shirley for blogging this, it is just so great!


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