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Flirting With Food On Valentine’s Day

Did you have a good time on Valentine’s Day? Did you receive any interesting present? Well, hubby got me the most unromantic present on this special day. And with that, we’d to dine at home due to budget constraint. Can you guess what it was?
... But while I busy cooking, he sneaked into the kitchen when he returned from work with THIS (Part II present)!

This is a busy period as it’s still the Chinese New Year. Valentine’s Day came, in just a twinkle of eye. I’d no time to think of new dishes.
awesome valentines day recipes
Some were repeated recipes in my blog, with just some minor adjustments to suit the occasion. Like the Sorbet, I've added Cream Corn instead of Mango this time. Hence, it was just a simple meal at home for 3 of us. V-Day has been a threesome affair since the arrival of my son ages ago.

These were what we had:

how to make bruschetta for valentines day

So can you guess what my Part I V-Day gift was? A Samsung Refrigerator!! Did you get it right?

Today is the final day for your submission to the Supor Fortune Cookware Giveaway! Winners will be announced on the 17th. Good luck!  HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE'S DAY!!


  1. we had dinner in a japanese restaurant. i paid. he didn't give me anything and nothing from me as well. bought too much stuff this month already so that was it..

  2. least you received something and ate something nice... :)

  3. Baby, so sorry but I guess the most important thing is being together & having fun. Make him pay next year. Hahaha!

    Jen, so can u guess what he gave me for V-Day? How was your evening?

  4. Love all the food that you prepared for Valentine's Day. They look so pretty and romantic! Bet you had an awesome gift. Can't wait to see what you get.

  5. Err... he is not in Singapore, so no present and not together also. :(
    But I am used to it already PLUS I am not romantic and lazy. Ya, lazy to celebrate also ha ha.

    Let me guess, he bought you a kitchenware like a mixer? or is it cook books?

  6. Sounds like you had a very special Valentine's day!

  7. All your eats look delicious an beautiful. Hubby and I never got eachother anything, just went out for a meal without the kids. you said unromantic gift? Please don't tell me he got you a vacuum cleaner to clean the house. Actually I've had my eye on one for a while, but it's not the type of gift you give your wife. Haha.

  8. how sweet! I reckon you made a much better dinner than those eaten outside!

  9. I honestly have no idea what your hubby gave you Shirley - I just hope it wasn't an apron (horrors!!!) LOL

    Your dinner looks lovely!!! Your hubby is lucky you want to take the trouble. I was so tired, I suggested we go out for dinner. We ended up having a very nice Japanese meal (lots of sashimi YUM!) at a place we never tried before, in a very quiet corner of Thomson Rd.

    Hubs gave me a very nice gift which I think he enjoyed more than I did ;) and I got him a book he's been wanting for ages but refused to buy himself because of the price tag (so kiam siap LOL) I can't wait to find out what you got - PLEASE don't let it be an apron. That's what my hubby gave me for our first wedding anniversary :D

  10. Shirley, I am so jealous of you! Your hubby always got you very very sweet & lovely gifts. While I was busy making lunch & dinner for my kids. *sigh* But I told hubby to make me some special baking cups. :o) I'm sure you're enjoying every moment of it.
    Cheers, Kristy

  11. Thks everyone, for your lovely comments! How clever! All those guesses made were all related to home. We've got mixer, cookbook, vacuum cleaner & the cutest, an apron! My turn now - I got another Fridge!! LOL! That means less dining out :<

    Thank u again for sharing with me your V-Day & have a great week!

  12. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such nice words of encouragement. You seem to have enjoyed a beautiful V-day what with heart shaped croutons!! That is pure Luxury:) Very cute

  13. Excellent, creative and smart expecially the Hearts On Fire “Bruschetta” so nice and cute. hope to've one of this <3 Thank you Shirley <3


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