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CNY Ham & Cheese Tortilla Pinwheels

how to make pretty cny tortilla pinwheels
It’s so fun making pinwheels using these Old El Paso #Tortillas, which can be easily found in Carrefour or Cold Storage.

how to make old el paso tortillas pinwheels
What about serving these pinwheels as appetizers this Chinese New Year? These can make quick snacks for visitors.

pretty cny tortilla pinwheels featured at omy
Together with 2 other Chinese New Year Recipes of mine, these Tortilla Pinwheels are featured @ OMY-食天堂Eat!

cny ham cheese tortilla pinwheels recipe petitchef
 Also Featured at Petitchef

Ingredients for 1 roll:
1 Tortilla
2 slices Ham
2 tbsp Cream Cheese
2 leaves of Lettuce

  1. Lay Tortilla on a sushi mat & spread cheese on it.
  2. how to make ham cheese tortilla pinwheels
  3. Place lettuce on Tortilla & top with ham. Roll it tightly & wrap with plastic cling. Freeze it for at least 30 mins. Cut them diagonally just before serving. Have fun decorating it & see the “Wow!” effect on your visitor’s face!
making healthy chinese new year tortilla pinwheels
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Tortilla Pinwheels on Foodista


  1. I just can't help coming back for more. Your blog is always full of surprises! What an inovation! This really make perfect snack.

  2. What a lovely presentation Shirley! I love how simple and beautiful this is. These are perfect for my kiddies as they don't like much stuffing in their sandwiches and wraps. Plus, this looks so fun to eat. I'll definitely remember these for my next party. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is such a pretty presentation. I love to use tortillas to make wraps and pinwheels.

  4. oh those pinwheels are the perfect party food!

  5. These sound like a great treat Shirley! Lovely little appetizer indeed!

  6. Shirley, another beautiful presentation...Wonderful idea for an appetizer :)

  7. Deli S, thks for much for supporting!

    Lequan, I'm sure the kids will enjoy making them too!

    Kristen, they so fun to make :)

    Simply Life, let's have fun partying!

    Peggy, they're so economical too :)

    Alisha, I love arranging them :)

    Penny, thks!

  8. The look gorgeous! Love the presentation! I just bought some from the deli recently :)

  9. Very creative, Shirley! Oh gosh... what's next? :)


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