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Chinese New Year Caviar Delight

how to make chinese new year caviar delights
It was the last day of the term break for Chinese New Year and I wanted to create something for my students this festive occasion. Since it’s CNY and the craze is Bak Kwa, I decided to use this as one of the ingredients. #BakKwa is Chinese version of the Jerky. Since I've an Indonesian who's a Muslim, I'd to omit the meat in her appetizer. Prices of these salty-sweet meats soar to sky high during this period, with people queuing as many as 3 hrs above at the popular joints.

chinese new year bak kwa recipes
I let my imagination run wild and another of my crazy East-meets-West idea soon formed. Will Bak Kwa and Caviar go together? What other ingredients should I combine with to blend the taste?

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This creation has been featured @
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There’s no better occasion to introduce Caviar to my students; I know majority have not tried the luxury delicacy. Many of them are foreign students, from M’sia, China, Thailand, Indonesia; with just a handful from S’pore. I decided to play host and treat them to these Caviar Delights to celebrate the important event.

chinese new year bak kwa recipe
Mangoes, Crabsticks, Edamame (popular Japanese soy beans) and Eggs were the accompaniments in this recipe. When the final product was out, it was better than expected. The Caviar and Bak Kwa did complement each other and my pampered son cleaned up the entire Caviar Parfait! But at the eleventh hour, I decided to throw in some Edamame which I’d bought during my Chinese New Year Shopping At Woodlands Loop. Nice!

After preparing 21 cups to chill in the fridge, I kept my fingers crossed, not knowing what the response will be like.

At class, I distributed the Caviar Delight. During break, I saw my students beaming with laughter and smiles after trying my new creation. “Very nice!” they commended. They like it; most have not tried the expensive Caviar. They added that the combinations of other ingredients are good and they wanted more. I was very contented with the outcome.

chinese new year stickers for recipe ideas
The nite before class, I roped in the help of my son to stick these CNY stickers onto the lids of the containers. 财 (Cai) means wealth in Chinese. With this, I wish everyone here a Happy and Properous Chinese New Year!

(Serves 21)
2 pkts Crabsticks (500g)
10 Eggs
400g Edamame
2 Mangoes
2 slices Bak kwa
1 cup Japanese mayonnaise
1 bunch Spring onion (chopped)
Caviar for topping
Ground black pepper to taste

  1. Lightly blanch crabsticks. Chop them up and mix with ½ cup mayo. Do the same with hard-boiled eggs and mix well with pepper and spring onions.
  2. how to cook yummy chinese new year crabmeat
  3. Peel and dice mangoes.
  4. how to cook chinese new year mango appetizers
  5. Boil Edamame in water for about 2 mins. Gentle push out the pods.
  6. how to cook japanese edamame appetizers
  7. Cut up the Bak Kwa into tiny pieces.
  8. making chinese new year bak kwa appetizers
  9. Start decorating it layer by layer.
  10. how to chinese new year party appetizers
  11. Lastly, top with Bak Kwa and Caviar. Chill for at least 3 hrs before serving your CNY delight!
how to make chinese new year caviar appetizers
Try this out to surprise your guests this Chinese New Year!


  1. Wow! What a treat indeed for your students. I can just see the smiles on their faces and their eyes widening at the sight of these lovely treats. I have never seen this before, it's very new to me. Just like your students, I'll bet I would want more as well. Have a happy and prosperous Chinese new year, Shirley!

  2. Your students are so lucky! This looks like a great treat and hope you are having a happy CNY!

  3. Happy New Year Shirley!!
    This is a beautiful and awesome idea. Pure indulgence:)

  4. What lucky students! Eye-catching photos. Happy Chinese New Year!

  5. I like the way all the cups are being arranged, it's certainly resembles the fortune wheel. May everyong have the best of luck this CNY!

  6. What a combination, Shirley! I think I must enrol myself in your class :D You are just such a sweet teacher!

  7. i've never eaten caviar and i've no idea how much does it cost and where to buy in kl

  8. oh wow, everything looks beautiful!

  9. Lequan, I'll make for u the next time u're in S'pore :)

    Nava, thks for dropping by again!

    Peggy, we'd a good time the other day. Occasionally, I get treats from them too :) I'm lucky too!

    Malli, thks for lovely comments! Will check u out soon :)

    Jill, thks & Happy New Year to u too! Will be popping by your blog soon.

    Doris, Happy CNY to u too! Huat ah!!

    Mary, will also make some for u the next time u're in S'pore!

    Baby, this are few online sites u can order from:

    Simply Life, thks for your kind words!

  10. What a great idea! You have outdone yourself.

  11. A very appetising combination, though I am not a big fan of caviar LOL I would definitely try this! Your students are lucky to have a generous mentor - the price of caviar and bak wa at this time is unthinkable...

  12. Penny, I'm happy with the results too :)

    Denise, that's because I've very nice students too :) Happy New Year to u!

  13. Wow, your students must be so pleased! Their teacher's homemade New year treats! :o) Ya, any left for me? Have more fun!
    Cheers, Kristy

  14. Very inventive and what a wonderful array of flavor. How nice that you treated your students to these :) Hope you are having a wonderful Lunar/Chinese New Year :)

  15. Like Mary, I also want to enroll into your class, Shirley! You are very creative... wonder what's the next surprise for us? :)

    1. Reana, hahaha! Come, come, a majority of my students are from M'sia :)


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