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Braised Shark’s Fin with Conpoy (鸿图大展鲍翅)

This expensive delicacy is prized for its slippery & glutinous texture; it’s tasteless but has an astonishing ability to bring out & enhance the flavour of other food. Regarded as a tonic food, the Chinese believe that Shark's Fin strengthens the internal organs and retard ageing.
how to cook sharks fin for chinese new year

I'm pleased that this recipe, together with 2 others of my fave dishes, have been featured as Recipe Ideas for this Mother's Day @ Celebrate Mother's Day With Home-Cooked Food, Featured At Open Rice S'pore!
openrice features cny sharks fin with conpoy recipe

Shark’s Fin is usually simmered in rich flavourful broth. In making Shark's Fin Soup, top restaurants would use superior stock, which is made from hours of simmering chickens, fine pork & ham. Some time, adding Conpoy & Abalone to turn into a concentrated essence. That’s the reason why they can cost a bomb.

Shark’s Fin Soup is usually taken with black/red vinegar; whisky or brandy can be used in place of vinegar too.

cooking braised sharks fin for chinese new year
This bowl of home-made Shark’s Fin Soup that I've prepared for this Chinese New Year is filled with premium delicacies – Conpoy & Fish Stomach or others called it Fish Maw, simmered in chicken & pork stock. Both of these two ingredients are also expensive ingredients in Chinese cooking, but they make excellent stock. Ginger & Spring Onion are two important ingredients to add to Shark's Fin stock to add fragrant to the superior soup & to rid any unpleasant smell from the fins.

In Chinese, 鱼漂 & 花膠 are two different things but the both are known as Fish Maw in English. Don’t ask me why cause I can’t answer that; perhaps you can enlighten me :)

I don't like Shark's Fins in strands so I've used whole fins (small) for this dish. I got them really cheap during my Chinese New Year Shopping At Woodlands Loop. Check out this delectable top grade soup using only the finest ingredients!

1 lit Chicken & Pork stock (prepared in advance)
100ml Abalone stock from can abalone
500g Frozen Shark’s Fin
5 Conpoy (dried scallops)
6 Fish maw (dried stomach) 花膠
1 tbsp Wolfberries
2 slices Ginger
3 stalks Spring onion
2 tsp Chinese wine
Cornstarch for thickening
Pepper & vinegar for serving

  1. Soak Worlfberries, Conpoy & Fish Maw till soft & set aside.
  2. how to cook fish maw conpoy sharks fin
  3. Prepare stock in advance. When boiling, add ginger, spring onion, Conpoy & Fish Maw & simmer for 20 mins. Steam Wolfberries for 5 mins & set aside.
  4. how to cook tasty fish maw with sharks fin soup
  5. Defrost & rinse Shark’s Fin. Add into stock & simmer for about 5 mins. Dispose ginger & spring onion. Ensure stock is boiling before you add corn starch to thicken. Stir well, add wine, top with Wolfberries & serve your Superior Soup hot.
cooking delicious sharks fin soup for cny


  1. You sure had my attention with your title, Shirley. This definitely is one of the more expensive Chinese soups. You've done such a beautiful job with the presentation and picture. When we order this at Chinese restaurants, I always give my fish maw to hubby. Just something about the texture that I'm not too fond of. Although it adds great flavor to the soup. Conpoy and abalone are two of my favorite seafoods. A little sure goes a long ways with those ingredients. Great soup!

  2. you made your own sharkfins? personally I am not a fan just because of how the sharks are killed. :)

  3. Lequan, I only learn how to appreciate fish maw in recent years. Like u, I always passed to my hubby. I've learnt to appreciate now & I'm enjoying the taste :) A conbination of these ingredients makes a great difference to the soup.

    Penny, I enjoy cooking Shark's Fin Soup as well as dining out. Yap, some people are using Shark's Fin Melon to replace the real stuff. Being very Chinese, it's something we eat especially during festive occasions :)

  4. Wow...expensive delicious favourite! I don't think I have seen shark fin here.

  5. What a gorgeous dish! Shark's Fin is something I can't do without. Will kiv this recipe.

  6. Beautiful soup and recipe, I imagine these ingredients are quite expensive most places...Nice treat :)

  7. Mary, your response surprised me. U must be "suffering". Hahaha! Bet you'll eat to your heart's content when u go back to M'sia.

    Babel, same here. One of my fave food too :)

    Alisha, at least it's much cheaper eating at home. LOL! Thks for your nice words!

  8. Fancy premium chinese delicacy dish...
    Damn, i;m craving this kind of earthy soup!

    1. DC, thks for coming by & leaving your lovely note! Have a good week! Hope to see more of you here :)


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