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Heavenly Pork Leg Bee Hoon for Chinese New Year

chinese new year heavenly pork bee hoon recipe
This is a popular poor man’s food that almost all mothers can cook, at least in Singapore. It’s the most convenient way to have a quick delicious meal during work week. A lot of people also like to cook Pork Leg Bee Hoon during parties. This was also one of the dishes I’d made for my house-warming party sometime ago. It’s fast, easy & economical especially when you’ve a big group. Best part of all, everybody enjoys.

how to cook narcissus stewed pork chops
I like to use the #Narcissus brand. The other alternative is #Gulong. Most people would just get the Pork Leg but my preference is to mix the Pork Leg with Mushrooms (香菇猪脚腿) & Stewed Pork Chops (红烧排骨).
cooking narcissus pork leg for cny
Reason being: The former is fattier with skin & comes with mushrooms & chestnuts (left), while you get a lot more meat from the latter (right).

cooking pork leg vermicelli
As for the vermicelli, I always go for the finest type. Only problem is, it tends to break more easily. Majority would go for the thicker ones but I feel the thinner type can absorb the sauce of the pork more, hence it’s smoother & tastier.
how to cook hup huat bee hoon
There’re at least 3-4 different kinds of thickness. As you can see from the pix, this is one example of the more commonly used but thicker bee hoon.

For the vegetables, you can either use Cabbage or Chye Sim. My choice depends on my mood. This time, I’m using the green vegetable, Chye Sim. If you’re using cabbage, longer time is needed to stew the cabbage till soft.

deep frying mermaid fish for bee hoon
For an improvised version, I always like to add a crispy touch to the bee hoon. These are called Mermaid Fish & it really perks up the entire dish.

pork leg bee hoon featured at openrice singapore
This dish has been featured @ OpenRice S'pore &

cny pork leg bee hoon featured at omy
OMY-食天堂Eat as DIY 好主意!

cooking chinese new year heavenly pork bee hoon
Chinese New Year is just around the corner. During this period, many shops & stalls are closed. So I always stock up these pork cans so I can cook them whenever I like. Besides, I can use these to entertain friends during their visits. You can see how easy it is to turn a simple canned food dish into a classy festive dish that’s fit for the King!

(Serves 3)
150g Bee Hoon or 3 pieces
30g Mermaid Fish
1 can Pork Leg
1 can Pork Chop (small)
200g Chye Sim
1 Chilli (shredded)
1 tsp Garlic
½ tsp Oil

  1. Soak bee hoon till soft. Drain & set aside.
  2. Remove bones from pork & shred pork. Use your hands when removing the bones so you can feel. Keep sauce, mushroom & chestnuts.
  3. Heat oil & fry garlic till fragrant. Add ½ the sauce, bee hoon, then pork. Cover lid & simmer for 2-3 mins.
  4. stir fry narcissus stewed pork chops recipe
  5. Mix well. Add vegetables & remaining sauce. Cover & simmer for another 2 mins.
  6. stir fry vegetables for pork leg bee hoon
  7. Meanwhile, rinse fish lightly. Heat oil & fry fish till crispy. Do not fry on high heat or you’ll burn the fish. Serve the fish at the side of your delicious bee hoon or you can place them on top. Put chilli if you like it a little spicy.
tasty cny narcissus pork leg vermicelli


  1. This is a beautifully presented dish, Shirley. I love your improvised addition of the mermaid fish, adds a nice crunch and texture. To be honest, I'd love everything on here except the pork. Nothing against your lovely dish, I'm just not a pork fan. Hubby always says, good, more for him. I'll bet the flavors of the pork and chestnut go great together. This is definitely a great dish to make for bigger parties.

  2. Oh Shirley, I love this dish but I just don't know how to cook it! This is the 1st time I'm seeing it with the fried fish. Very innovative! Going to start making this for my husband.

  3. very tempting n yummy...awesome presentation..
    Tasty appetite

  4. Hi Shirley :) Thanks so much for visiting my new "roti" blog and checking in at Quickies too! So sorry for my long silence - I feel almost giddy trying to juggle everything that's going on with me right now. As if I have nothing better to do, I go and start another blog LOL But what to do - I am obsessed with bread and wanted to start a blog about it for such a long time...

    This lovely dish you've presented may be of humble origin, but it's no less delicious - when I start eating this bee hoon, I really cannot stop!! The fatty pork is really yummy, especially with sliced chillies, eventhough I am not a huge fan of pork.

    I didn't know those big anchovies are called mermaid fish - but I love them! They are more delicious than regular "ikan bilis", don't you think so?

  5. What a beautiful dish to ring in the New Year with!

  6. Shirley, you reminded me of my childhood days. We grew up eating lots of that tinned food, the one on the left. It's just so good with rice. I have not seen it for ages.....can't find it here. What a great way to use it to cook mee hoon. Looks very delicious!

  7. Lequan, it's interesting to discover each individual's taste. I've a friend who doesn't eat chicken at all, & another no seafood. LOL! This is a very palatable dish, if u can find these pork cans in your country.

    Babel, don't think anyone else pair with Mermaid Fish. I used to fry those dark brown beancurd sticks but can't find them anymore :<

    Jay, thks for lovely comments!

    Denise, I'm impressed! U still have so much time even with 2 sons. I'm already struggling here. Hahaha!

    My hubby said the same thing - can't stop eating this bee hoon. Just found out the name too. Never bother to pay attention until I've to put up this recipe for a friend who has been "begging" me for it. Cooked for her the other day & she liked it. She even packed another box for her hubby :)

    Peggy, oh yes! I could've cook them more often if not for the fact that is not very healthy. Hahaha!

    Mary, I'm surprised u haven't tried with bee hoon. Too bad u can't find them in Scotland. I'll make for u the next time u're in S'pore.

  8. That looks so delicious. What a nice meal for a celebration.

  9. Shirley
    what a heavenly dish indeed! You teach me something every time I stop by your blog, thank you so much....and thank you for presenting a tasty new meal for me to try!

  10. Hie Shirley,

    The dish looks good with the vermicelli aka bihun..but i seldom eat porks leg though..hehe
    thanx for sharing

  11. hmmm... the flavours must be so good!

  12. Kristen, thks! It's a simple one-dish meal to fits any occasion :)

    Dennis, I'm flattered. I'm learning a lot from u too :)

    Of Travels, it's been some time. Great to hear from u. U should try, really!

    Penny, oh yes... amazingly!

  13. Thats a brilliant and delicious dish. I'm a fan of noodles and other forms of cellophane noodles. Heavenly Pork Leg Bee Hoon is a versatile one-dish meal. Happy Chinese New Year!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful dish! I like the addition of crispy Mermaid fish for the texture :)

  15. It's been a long, long time since I last tasted those canned pork. I don't think I've seen it here in the US. The beehoon fried with this pork must be really tasty.

  16. Shamana, thks for visiting & Happy New year to u too!

    Natasha, the fried fish does make it different from others :)

    Biren, I'll make for u the next time u visit S'pore :)

  17. It looks so yammy, glad that you didn't go with the rice, cause it is quite problematic eating it with chopsticks. What's that green stuff that you use? do you boil it?

  18. Jane, thks for visiting! Those are vegetables :)

  19. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)

  20. Charley, thks for all your lovely comments on my posts!


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