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Fruity Tutti Pinwheels Recipe

how to make christmas fruity tutti pinwheels
It’s Party Time! I finished the last course of my X’mas Eve dinner @ Merry X’mas With Love From Singapore with these colourful Pinwheels dessert. These vibrant #pinwheels make great appetizers or snacks for parties, depending on what you add. Fill them with your fave ingredients just like filling up your X’mas stockings. So let’s PARTY!

Colour Balls
Cream cheese
Strawberry fruit spread with chunks
Desiccated Coconut
Nutella with Hazelnuts
Dried mixed fruits

  1. Slice peaches into small pieces and drain well. Place a piece of crepe on a sushi mat and spread Nutella on it. Make sure to leave a “border” around edges. Top with peaches and mixed fruits.
  2. christmas fruity tutti pinwheels recipe
  3. Spread Nutella on another piece of crepe and stack on top of the earlier one.
  4. christmas fruity tutti chocolate pinwheels recipes
  5. Using the sushi mat to help you, roll crepes tightly and wrap it in plastic wrap. Repeat the steps for cream cheese, strawberries and coconut.
  6. christmas fruity tutti pinwheels recipes
  7. Freeze the rolls for at least an hour. To serve, cut off each end and slice into equal pieces, revealing the insides of the pinwheels. Since it was for X'mas, I'd sprinkled more desiccated coconut on the serving plates to resemble #snowflakes and added colour balls and decorations for festive moods.
christmas fruity tutti chocolate pinwheels recipe

Holiday Pinwheels


  1. i love the simplicity and look of these pretty pinwheels, Shirley. each ingredient in this recipe sounded like a separate dessert in itself to me, yumms! i'm a big fan of hazelnuts and nutella so i know i will enjoy these. thank you for sharing Shirley. hope you had a great weekend.

  2. This looks interesting and easy to make. Tks for sharing. But where can i buy the ready made crepes?

  3. Hey, this looks like something I can try making. My kids are going like this. I love all the ingredients here!

  4. Lequan, you'll like this if you've sweet tooth. I found it a little too sweet. I may add more cheese next time :)

    Doris, you can easily get these crepes in NTUC or Cold Storage.

    Babel, I'm confident they're gonna like it :)

  5. This looks so pretty....perfect for parties. Looks so easy to make. Thanks very much for sharing.

  6. You make these pinwheels look easy,must try.

  7. You make these pinwheels look easy, must try.

  8. What a lovely way to finish off the meal :)

  9. These are so filled with goodness, and they look very festive :)

  10. These look so fun to put together with all the different components, a delicious treat!

  11. Mary, it's quite easy to make. It's rolling it tightly that's taking the time.

    Simply Life, oh yes! I'd fun :)

    Shirley, try it with your fave ingredients.

    Penny, I'd cut it thinly so it's really light to end off the meal.

    Suchitra, thks for visiting again!

    Alisha, I'm definitely gonna try making these again, with different fillings next time :)

    Natasha, definitely a sweet treat for all!

    Tiffany, process was fun too, loading all the goodies. Thks for visiting!

  12. These are such a delicious treat - cute pretty and totally fruity :D

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Colossal Caramel Peanut Monster Cookies

    1. Hey, I'm so glad u like it too! Thks for d visit & I'll chk u out soon! Would love to have u follow me too :)


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