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Decent Lunch At DOMVS, Sheraton Hotel

I've been to DOMVS ("Home" in Latin) couple of times but always for dinner. This is the 1st time I was there for lunch. The Italian Restaurant @ Sheraton Towers had refurbished its interior about 2 years ago, reopening with a modern touch.

The Set-lunch Menu: S$29 for 2-course & S$36 for 3-course, is surprisingly reasonable with a generous selection of menu.

Out of 5 starters to choose, I opted for the Beef Carparccio. This is something I just couldn't resist & it's really good.

Normally for set-lunches, it's common to see just 3 choices for the main. Here, I've got 8 to choose from. I got myself a Risotto, which surprised my good friend. It was out of the norm for me. Risotto somehow reminds me of the Chinese "Mui Fan", basically gravy over cooked rice. But the word SCALLOP caught my attention. Boy, it was ambrosial! The plate of Risotto came with 2 huge scallops, bite-size chunks of scallops & bites of asparagus. The flavourful rice enveloped my taste buds & it's still lingering in my mouth as I'm writing this post. It's a Must-try!

I ended my la dolce vita with Chef's Special of the Day. The Chocolate Pudding paired with a Nougat Parfait was another indulgence. Rating: 4/5


  1. Food does look quite tasty, and quite affordable too :)

  2. I think I would've got the exact dishes you got. They all look delicious. I'm a big fan of risotto, especially with two huge scallops on top. What a lunch indeed.

  3. The Risotto looks delicious..yummy..with the scallop..really, it looks like mui first i really thought that it's Mui Fan

  4. Thristhan, food is of good quality & std & it's value for money.

    Lequan, maybe u can visit the restaurant the next time u're here :)

    of Travels, hahaha! I must say it's much better than the Mui Fan I know.

  5. my wife and i love risottos! the scallops look fantastic! almost makes me wanna cook risotto tonight )

  6. Mouth-watering again! I want to try and cook risotto one day. Hope I get it right :D

  7. What a lovely dinner! Everything looks delicious!

  8. Looks like a lot of people likes Risotto. Mmm... what am I missing?

  9. Very nice! The risotto dish looks so delicious, and the dessert is gorgeous :)

  10. John, thks for visiting!

    Alisha, definitely gonna have that Risotto again!


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