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Chinese New Year Shopping At Woodlands Loop

cny shopping at woodlands loop
It was more shopping with my students at the Woodlands Industrial Area where you can get foodstuff at wholesale prices.

Following our Seafood Bargains At Woodlands Terrace, we were armed with more recycling bags this time after our last experience. I'm also smarter to take note of the unit nos. as it's not easy to find the same shop again as there're just too many. So take note of the bargains to stock up for the coming Chinese New Year.

cny shopping at bee hwa foodstuff woodlands loop
Our first stop was to Woodlands Loop Blk 15, the Bee Hwa Foodstuff (#04-15), where you can get your Pau, Siew mai etc. Be sure to get the handmade Cha Siew Pau which is their specialty.

shopping at woodlands loop
During this period, they're also selling stuff like Mushrooms, Fish Maws etc.

buying chinese new year mushroom at woodlands
I bought their Chinese "Flower" Mushrooms (花菇) @ S$12/pkt (200g).

buying nice satay at woodlands loop
Some students bought Satays from Soon Lee Heng home to grill. I bought the last time. It's quite nice. Good if you're having a BBQ party. It's about 30 - 35 cents a stick.

buying chilli paste at woodlands loop
Hai's Foodstuff Trdg @ #03-02 sells Chilli Pastes and many kind of sauces. Seen here are my students from China, M'sia and Thailand; busy buying their stuff.

hai foodstuff chilli paste at woodlands loop
You can sample their Chilli Pastes before buying. Out of the few types, I like the Sambal best, which is very tasty. It's S$3 for a bottle or 4 for S$10. We shared among ourselves and I paid S$2.50 for a bottle. One of students bought a lot of stuff and she was given these "Chilli" pens as gifts. I was delighted when she gave one to me.

chinese new year fish maw at soon huat marine

Say "Hello" to May and Jessica, my students from M'sia! Soon Huat Marine @ #02-50 is dealing with Shark's Fin, Sea Cucumber and also dry goods like Fish Maw, Bean Curd Skin etc.
cny shopping for sharks fins sea cucumber

buy cheap sharks fin at woodlands loop
This is Ann, from M'sia! There're different grades of Shark's Fin but all of us bought the chunky type, about small - med size, @ S$20/pkt. Ann and I also bought the Bean Curd Skin @ S$1.60/pkt.

buying fish balls at woodlands loop
I mentioned in my last post that the Fish Balls @ #01-17 are really good. I was back again to buy. It's 9 for just a dollar and the bigger ones with chilli are going @ 4 for S$1.

buying fish balls fried stuff at woodlands loop
Besides Fish Balls, they also sell some fried stuff. The Chicken Wings were all sold out when we visited the last time.

where to buy soya bean in woodlands
Our final stop @ Blk 15 was to the Loo Chin Seng Soya Bean Factory. After hours of shopping, the Soya Bean Milk tasted especially good. It's 3 cups for S$2.

where to buy fragrance bak kwa in woodlands
Following that, we drove out of Woodlands Loop, going into Woodlands Terrace. This is the Fragrance Factory @ No. 60, one of the popular choices for Bak Kwa, similar to Jerky. This is a good place for stocking up your CNY snacks.

chinese new year shopping at melvados woodlands
Melvados @ No. 26 supplies premium food and desserts to 5-star hotel, restaurants etc. I bought their Cookies and Cream Ice Cream @ S$7.50, which is not sold in supermarkets.

cny fassler seafood at woodlands terrace
These are some of my harvest other than those mentioned above. Besides going to Fassler @ No. 46 again to buy frozen food stuff like Mushroom Soup (S$3), Smoked Salmon (S$12) and Scallop (S$10), we also found another frozen seafood joint which appears to be slightly cheaper.

There was also quite a good crowd over at William Koo Seafood @ No. 56. I bought the Scallops @ 3 pkts for S$24, which is just S$8/pkt, compared to S$10 @ Fassler. The Edamame @ S$2/pkt is a popular vegetable "snack" in Japanese cuisine. I also bought a large Cuttlefish for S$4.

All of us had a good time @ Woodlands. It was also a good chance to bond with my students. Our bags were so heavy; none of us went back empty-handed. Thank God we went in 2 cars to load all our goodies!

baked cheesy scallop recipe featured at petitchef
For Scallop recipe idea, check out my last recipe @ Hot & Juicy Baked Cheesy Bacon Scallops which is featured @ PtitChef, a popular French website.

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  1. My goodness, the frozen seafood are so cheap! Seems like everyone (your students) enjoying this trip a lot. I think they need more helping hands. LOL! haha... Hope you're having a great week ahead.
    Cheers, Kristy

  2. Wow, looks like you guys bought a lot of stuff and had a great time shopping. I would've loved to join you as I love finding bargains on seafood. Those are such great prices! $2 for 3 cups of soya milk is so cheap. It would easily cost us $2 for one cup here. Can't wait to see what you make with everything you bought. By the way, if you don't mind me asking, what do you teach?

  3. much fun to go shopping together. I will bring a lorry load back...haha

  4. What great deals! 9 fishballs for $1!!!!

  5. Thks for making the effort to take down the addresses! I'm taking leave this Fri to take a trip there again.

    Oh, the Scallop recipe is excellent! My husband scraped off everything from the shell clean. It's that good! Thks so much!

  6. Kristy, we bought a lot more than last trip. It was fruitful!

    Lequan, u bet! We'd such a good time shopping. I'm training adults in Workplace Literacy. My students are mainly made up of foreigners, with only a handful of S'poreans. It's fun teaching adults as it's more interactive :)

    Mary, I can imagine with so much to see & buy.

    Penny, everyone's going for the fishballs. Hahaha!

    Babel, thks so much for your review! Few of my students tried making too & told me their families love it! Happy Shopping!

  7. Seems like such a great market, and fun to have your students along too :) I really do love those fish ball :)

  8. Alisha, we'd a lot of fun bonding! Thks!

  9. Hi,

    thks for sharing this post. I was wondering if these shops are opened everyday? I would like to get some items in December. You think it's possible? Tks :)

  10. Anonymous, most of these shops are opened daily but at different timing. Went there both on weekdays & weekends but not all shops are open. Gotta try your luck.

  11. Thanks for visiting my space. glad to find your blog. thanks for sharing all this info.

    1. Swasthi Blank, thks for dropping by & have a good day!

  12. While I'm thrilled with this post as a shopaholic myself, but why shark's fin? I'm not a saint but if those are your students, can we educate them on the effects of eating shark's fin?

    1. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us here & it's really nice having you. I'm no saint either. While we can always educate, but we can't possibly stop them. Having a bowl of Shark's Fin may mean just another dish to some, but to those who loves the delicacy, it's just like asking the French not to eat Foie Gras. It's really hard especially asking those businessmen not to order Shark's Fin when entertaining their clients. My Japanese & Indonesian ex-bosses just love it. Perhaps restaurants should stop selling them? But many of the reputable eateries are still promoting it :< I sincerely appreciate you penning your thoughts here.

  13. Shirley, I also do not like the eating of shark's fin. I realize in Asia they eat many hthngs that Westerners would not. However, eating Foie Gras may not be nice to the animal, geese are not also endangered. Many shark species are becoming endangered because of this and they way they are slaughtered is despicable. Cutting off the fin, being thrown back into the sea and left to drown. Not very humane. My husband spent years working in China and never ate shark's fin and didn't feel he missed out, as you have so many more delicacies. Changing how people think is a matter of education. Please help. I used to love beef but I don't eat it anymore because I don't like how cows are being raised and cows aren't even endangered. Hope you understand that you have a beautiful blog, but some times we have to speak out on behalf of those that can't.

    1. Abbe, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Due to the sensitivity of the issue, I've actually stopped reposting my past Shark's Fin Recipes; this was written in 2011. That being said, CNY is an important festive occasion & it's part of the tradition to serve this delicacy in many parts of the world. My family has already stopped this practice..........

  14. hi, are these places still available this yr?

    1. Hi Forest, I've been there the past few years & the area is still very lively during X'mas & CNY period. For a map of the place, you can refer to my other post at Seafood Bargains At Woodlands Terrace if you haven't read them.

      There are actually two different sections. One is lined with rows of food outlets & the other is a multi-storey carpark with stuff like satay, fish balls & many more. I suggest you visit both places while you're there.

      Oh another thing, try going in the afternoon on weekdays as most stall don't open early. Not sure about weekends tho.

      If you cook, there are more than 300 recipes here with step-by-step photo instructions for you to experiment this CNY. Have fun & thanks for coming by! xoxo


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