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ZoukOut With SingTel Kaleidoscope!

I received a parcel this morning, exclusively for selected Singapore Bloggers.

Upon opening, I found a Glow Stick, Breath Control Mints, Hyadration Fluid, Kaleidoscope, a Magnet & what I like most – a lovely Panky Hanky!

Celebrating 10 years of great music, love & unforgettable memories, the talking SingTel Kaleidoscope Vending Machine will be making a special appearance @ Zouk!

This machine will interact with party-goers, dish out wacky ideas & free party accessories, as well as SingTel promos, before hitting the beach party @ Siloso Beach. Party-goers can also look forward to receiving the above goodies plus Magic Key (one-time entry pass) to Zouk & SingTel Mobile Youth Plan Voucher!

SingTel customers can look forward to exclusive rewards & discounts for this year’s ZoukOut:
- 40% off drinks on every Thu & Sat @ Velvet Underground from Nov 11 – Dec 9, 2010.

@ ZoukOut, SingTel customers can also:
- Enjoy priority queue.
- Purchase drinks @ exclusive SingTel bar.
- Free flow of drinks @ SingTel VIP Tent from 8 – 11pm.
- Recharge phones @ Singtel Kaleidoscope.

Special appearance:
Dec 3 & 8, 2010 from 11.30pm – 2am

(Orchard Cineleisure)
Dec 4 & 5, 2010 from 7-9.30pm

Dec 11, from 8pm – 8am
Siloso Beach, Sentosa

So mark your calendar & get partying!


  1. Hey Shirley,

    I've never heard of SingTel or such an event. A beach party sure sounds like fun. Even if we had beaches here, it'd be too cold to camp out in tents. Hope you enjoy the event.

  2. What fun! I have never heard of anything like this before...You get all of the cool stuff :)

  3. Lequan, SingTel's one of the largest mobile network operator in S'pore :) Certainly can't imagine u camping out in the cold at this time of the year. Hahaha!

    Ian, thks but I'm gonna miss the fun!

    Alisha, gonna be another great event!


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