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Stir-fry Crunchy Chinese Kale

Kale is considered to be a highly nutritious vegetable with powerful antioxidant properties. Chinese Kale or otherwise known as Kailan, is widely eaten in Cantonese cuisine. This trip to Hong Kong had ignited me to cook this vegetable dish with the popular Chinese sausage.

There’re many varieties of Kailan & common preparations include stir-fried with ginger & garlic, boiled or steamed & served with oyster sauce.
The type of Kailan I’m using here today isn’t the kind commonly seen. This gigantic species hardly has leaves, as seen from the pix. It is appreciated for its stem & I love the crunchiness when cooked. The amazing scent from the added Chinese Sausage will certainly send you screaming for more!
I'm so glad that Ptit Chef has featured this recipe on their website as Main Dish of the Day. So do try it out!

2 Stalks of Kailan
2 slices of Ginger (shredded)
½ Chinese sausage
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
½ tsp Fish sauce
½ Sesame oil
1 tbsp Chinese wine
¼ cup of Chicken stock
2 tsp Cooking oil
Pepper to taste


  1. Cut off leaves & end of stalk. Using a vegetable peeler, remove outer skin. Rinse & cut diagonally into slices.
  2. Remove skin from sausage if you prefer & dice.
  3. Heat oil & fry sausage till fragrant. Drain & set aside.
  4. Using the remaining oil from sausage, lightly fry ginger, then add Kailan. Add oyster & fish sauce & mix-well.
  5. Pour in stock, cover & simmer for about 3mins. Add wine, sesame oil & pepper & you’re ready to serve your crunchy fragrant Kailan!



  1. Hi Shirley,

    I've never had Chinese Kale cooked this way before. I do know the sausage would definitely add strong flavors to the veggie as this veggie can be quite mild in taste. Great pairing of ingredients! My children love Chinese sausage so I know they would enjoy this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have not seen this type of Kailan before. It looks delicious, especially with the sausages. Where can I find them?

  3. Hi Shirley,

    This is Amy Jow, Jonathan's golf teacher @ navalbaseprimary. Remember me?

    I love reading whatever you put on this wonderful blog of yours =)

    Good job!

  4. Lequan, hope u'll try out this lovely dish. Kids would definitely enjoy "chewing" the Kailan :)

    Agapejen, I'm not surprise as not many people cook this type of Kailan. It's actually available at both wet markets & s'marts. However, it maybe seasonal as I don't see it at times. Not many people buy this type of Kailan.

    Amy, OMG! How did u find me here?? Impressive! Of course, I remember u. Hope things r well with u. Thks for your kind words & taking the time to read!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen a Chinese Kale before! Looks interesting! Need to find me one!

  6. Hi Shirley, this looks very delicious and simple to prepare. I would like to try some :)

  7. Peggy, I'm sure u're gonna like it. Hope u can find it from where u r :)

    Ann, thks for dropping by!

  8. I have never seen this type of kailan before. Initially I thought they were cucumber or something. The Chinese sausage is a nice addition to the stir fry.

  9. Shirley,this kailan i eat before but the different is I've never mix with chinese sausage.

  10. Biren, they sure look like cucumber, don't they?? I wonder if u can find it over where u r so u can try them :)

    Annie, try cooking with Chinese Sausage next time. It adds a whole new flavour :)

  11. Tks for sharing this. It had never occurred to me that i could actually cook Chinese sausage with vege. I usually cooked my chinese sausage the boring way - with egg as egg omelette. LOL. Now, i have a new way of cooking.....

  12. Deli S, I love adding Chinese sausage to my dishes & it tastes great when added to certain vegetables. Now u can have more varieties :)

  13. Hi

    Great information in this recipe and I think this trip to Hong Kong had ignited me to cook this vegetable dish with the popular Chinese sausage.


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