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Seafood Bargains At Woodlands Terrace

I first found out about these food factories located at Woodlands Terrace sometime ago on TV. It was a Chinese programme on Channel 8, I think. They were introducing these factories where one can get almost any kind of food stuff at amazing prices.

I happened to talk about this place with few of my students & I wasn’t surprised they’ve heard of the place. In fact, they’ve been there couple of times. Seeing my keen interest, they proposed taking me there for a “tour”. So off we went exploring, after our class. We'd such a good time shopping!
shopping for seafood at woodlands terrace
Pix taken by May’s daughter, whom she picked up after our lessons. Perfect shot!

The shop in my top of the list is Fassler Gourmet, specializing in smoked & marinated seafood products. The shop was featured in the TV programme & I was fascinated by it. Outside the shop displayed a rack of winter clothes, where customers can borrow to wear in order to enter the freezing chambers.

cheap seafood at fassler gourmet
My gungho students all geared with the winter clothings.

chinese new year seafood shopping at fassler
Here’s May with her daughter entering the seafood chamber.

where to buy cheap chinese new year seafood
Incredibly low prices of seafood.
shopping for cheap smoked salmon at fassler

cheap frozen seafood at fassler gourmet woodlands
May & Jessica picking up their bargains.

As much as we’d like to browse longer, we got out immediately after getting what we wanted. It was freezing inside. Even with the winter jackets, we couldn’t last very long inside.

Jessica & Ann checking out at the cashier.

My students also brought me to this fish ball stall where there were already a handful customers busy picking their buys. Besides fish balls, the stall also sells fish cakes, ngoh hiang (meat roll), wanton & chicken wings. The plumpy fish balls were going at 9 for just a dollar! What a steal!

I also got myself some satay @ 30 cents a stick, which comes with a generous pack of gravy. We also went to a shop selling frozen Prawn Rolls. All you need to do is deep-fry them & they’re really delicious. On one lazy afternoon, I cooked these rolls to pair with instant noodles. It was a yummy quick fix!

cny shopping at fassler gourmet woodlands terrace
Over @ Fassler, I bought Scallops, Lobster Bisque & Salmon Patties. This is the first time I'm using frozen scallops; I was skeptical initially. Nevertheless, I tried cooking them on X’mas Eve & it turned out to be Scallop-licious! Everyone enjoyed tremendously. I baked the scallops with bacon & cheese as hot appetizers & they tasted marvellous. Check out my secret recipe to the Hot & Juicy Baked Cheesy Bacon Scallops!

New Year’s coming, followed by Chinese New Year very soon. To do your shopping there if you don’t drive, you can take Bus No. 964 from the Woodlands Regional Interchange which will bring you round a loop.

Read more about our 2nd trip @ Chinese New Year Shopping At Woodlands Loop, with more pictures, addresses & prices. Oh, remember to bring your own big marketing bags to load all your stuff! HAPPY SHOPPING!


  1. Shirley, I heard of this place before! A perfect place to shop for your festive food. Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas. Hope you're having a terrific time & enjoy your day. God bless you all.
    Best wishes, Kristy

  2. Wow! I have heard so much about this place but just don't really know the exact location. Really tks for sharing it here.

  3. Kristy, since it's pretty close to JB, you should visit the place some time. Here's wishing u Happy Holidays!

    Doris, u must explore the place. I'm sure you'd find lots of bargains :)

  4. That's such a fun shopping trip! I would have brought many big shopping bags along :P Wishing you a very Merry Christmas festive season....lots of shopping and eating :D

  5. Wow Shirley! That sure sounds like my kind of shopping! I'd be sure to bring one of those foldable shopping carts. Can't wait to see your scallops recipe. I'm a huge scallops fan.

  6. Mary, I'm sure u'll bring a lorry there to contain all your stuff. Hahaha!

    Lequan, that's an excellent idea! Great, stay tune for the recipe :)

  7. I would love to find something like this here...
    I especially enjoy a good variety of smoked
    fish :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  8. Alisha, don't u have something similar like this in your country? Fassler has a wide variety of smoked fish & I'm sure u'll go crazy over them :) Merry X'mas, my dear friend!


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