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Fendi’s ‘Thank U’ Lunch @ Restaurant André

fendi thank you lunch for customers
It was a charming lunch for an intimate group of 8 invited guests with 4 of Fendi’s lovely hosts, at one of Singapore’s most talked about dining star – Restaurant André.

review picked as editors choice at openrice singapore
Review Picked as Editor's Choice @ OpenRice S'pore

I was a little upset that day cause my $700 Limited Edition Casio Kitty camera conked out on me on this special event.
limited edition hello kitty casio camera
This was a birthday gift, so my heart really ached. But the gorgeous lunch & the entertaining Fendi hosts certainly made up for it. And as the saying goes, “old things don’t go, new things don’t come!” Guess it’s time for a new camera.
luxury haven at fendi lunch, restaurant andre
I was using my iphone 4. This pix didn’t do justice for this Fendi’s one & only dazzling piece of hand-woven baguette with Swarovski crystal buckle, a symbol of style & luxury. Simply stunning!

chef andres amuse bouche review
The lunch started off with Chef Andre’s Amuse Bouche after a round of champagne & get-to-know session. The wanton skin, infused with onion, tickled our taste buds. Simple, yet so divine.

Chef Andre Chiang has won my heart since his days @ Jaan, located at the Equinox Complex but since he left to set up his own dining haven, I haven’t had the chance to relish his creations till now.

Our first course began with the Imperial Tsar Salmon appetizer, which was lightly smoked & paired with fruit tomatos. The deceiving wasabi-looking accompaniment which many mistook for, turned out to be a distinctive Basil flower sorbet. A invigorating start indeed!

Take a look at these teeny weeny Baby Leek Ravioli & the Carpaccio of Seafood. Aren’t they cute?

I love this Consommé, which came with a tinge of Kaffir Lime, totally unlocking my appetite.
This is to give you an idea how small the Ravioli was. Sitting on a soup spoon was the tiniest Ravioli I’ve ever seen.

Next was the highlight of the day, Foie Gras Mousse! We were told it’s the Chef’s fave personal creation. The goose liver was different from any other I’d tried.
Underneath this dark brown layer revealed another hidden layer of treasure. The bowl was filled with premium delicacies. The essence of the Foie Gras & Perigord Black Truffle was beyond the realm of the exceptional. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Chef Andre, I’ll be back for more!

Another limelight stealer was the Slow Roast Short Rib. The tender piece of meat just melted in my mouth in no time. The Wild Mushroom Polenta Bianca & the Potato & Onion Praline were a delicious pair. Only complaint about this course is the size of the meat. But then again, good stuff don’t come in big portion. I just have to come back for more.

The lunch ended with the “Tarte Au Chocolat” Vintage, a scrumptious milk pudding with ice cream.

Time seemed to pass so fast, especially when surrounded by people of a common goal – shopping! Needless to say, invited guests are fans of the luxurious designer brand, Fendi.

Thank you, Fendi! It was a delightful lunch of sheer indulgence!


  1. Oh no, Shirley! I'm sorry to hear about your camera :( Like you said though, how will new things come if the old doesn't go. Hope you will find one you like as much soon.

    Your lunch sounded amazing. I have not tried froie gras before, but have heard great things about it. Hubby is more of the meat eater in the family. Glad you enjoyed your dishes. Hope you and your family have a happy holiday and Merry Christmas, Shirley!

  2. Sorry to hear that your camera died on you. Perhaps hubby will get you a cuter one for Christmas ;) That sounds like an amazing lunch! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. So sad to hear about your camera! I'm sure you'll end up getting a better one in no time! Sounds like you had an absolutely delicious lunch though!

  4. Sorry about your camera :( Love the sound of Basil flower sorbet...yikes
    Wonderful review as always!
    Happiest of Holidays my dear friend :)

  5. Gals, thank you for your well wishes! I've already bought a new one - latest Canon Powershot Ixus 300. Yipee!

    Here's wishing u a beautiful "snowy" X'mas! Lots of love from S'pore!

  6. Although your old cameral died on you, but your iphone didn't do too back a job. :) Great that you have got another camera and looking forward to more pictures sharing. :)

    This lunch would definitely called for "will be back for more" given the tiny bits of servings. LOL! But FENDI surely deserved to be compliment for rewarding customers this special way and would definitely call for the return of more luxuries lovers.

    May you and your family have a blessed and warmth Christmas.

  7. Deli S, luckily I'd a backup. Hahaha! I'd love to return to Andre for their Foie Gras :) I've Fendi to thank for the indulgence.


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