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Potent Korean Ginseng Chicken Recipe

There’re many types & grades of Ginseng depending on the source, age parts of root used & the methods of preparation. There’re also the Red & White varieties. Red ones are more potent & expensive. The colour of the Ginseng depends on how it’s processed. White Ginseng is unprocessed & dries naturally; red ginseng is processed with steam & is believed to be more effective.

During a trip to Korea many years ago, I was told that when buying Ginseng, always choose the red type & buy it in its root form. I was introduced to the Korean Red Ginseng (高麗太極參) then, apparently the higher grade of Ginseng & have been purchasing this grade since.

korean red ginseng recipe

Korean Ginseng promotes blood circulation, revitalizes & aids recovery from weakness after illness. Many athletes may also use Korean Ginseng as herbal support during rigorous training. At home, I always keep a box of this valuable herb & use it to make a soup especially after an illness or returning from a trip. Korean Ginseng is normally double-boiled with chicken meat as a soup, unlike the American Ginseng, which is usually sliced & soaked in hot water to make a tea.

To make this delicious Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, I like to use red dates & garlic. Putting glutinous rice will thicken the soup & lastly, adding spring onion & Cognac give the tonic a fragrant scent.

how to cook korean ginseng soup

Tip: When taking Ginseng, avoid taking Vitamin C (including fresh fruits) & never drink tea at the same time. These will reduce the efficiency of the herb. Also, avoid taking it when having a cold, flu or other lung infections.

1 Chicken
1 Korean ginseng root
10 Red dates (seedless)
7 cloves of Garlic
¼ cup of Glutinous rice
2 sprigs of Spring onion (chopped)
1 litre Water
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Cognac


  1. Cut off neck, backside & claws. Ensure it's thoroughly cleaned inside out. Put all fillings into the chicken except spring onion.
  2. how to cook korean ginseng soups
  3. Tuck the feet in neatly.
  4. cooking korean ginseng soup
  5. Fill slow cooker with water & put it on high heat. Add chicken when it’s boiling. Cover lid & cook for 2hrs. Continue to simmer on low for another 3 hrs.
  6. Break chicken into half & put it into a serving bowl. Pour in soup, add brandy & sprinkle spring onion. Serve hot.
how to make korean ginseng soup

Can you see all the flavourful ingredients inside the chicken? The Ginseng has also expanded & doubled in size.

delicious homemade korean ginseng soup
Serving suggestion:
You can cut up the Ginseng into slices & serve. A Korean Ginseng specialist once taught me to use the Ginseng root for 3 rounds, which I’ve been practising since. 1st round, I’d usually used it for this recipe but remove the root at the end of process & keep it for next day. 2nd & 3rd rounds, I’d use the root again & throw it into any other soups I’m making. Brilliant!

Do you use Korean Ginseng in your cooking too? Check out another potent soup of mine - Power of American Ginseng & Abalone!


  1. Thanks for the recipe. I think I can try this, the steps seems simple and not much washing to be done after that. Just one question, do you need to soak the glutinous rice before cooking?

  2. never tried ginseng in my cooking before ... sounds like a good time to try :)

  3. Jen, u'd be happy to know that u don't even need to soak the rice. Simply rinse & put everything inside the chix & out come the nutritious soup!

    Ian, just look at how strong Korean men are. Hahaha! Just returned from trip. Will be dropping by your blog as soon as I get time :) Do vote for my Steamed Fish challenge daily if time permits. I thank u in advance!

  4. Indeed. Chinese always regards Ginseng as the most magical herb in promoting longevity!

  5. This recipe sounds delicious! I've never cooked with ginseng before, but I definitely need to get my hands on some soon!

  6. I miss ginseng soup that mom makes when I go back to SG!

  7. Hi Shirley,

    Glad to see you back from your vacation. Hope you had a great time. This is such a simple, but flavorful recipe. Ginseng is pretty powerful stuff and if put in the right hands, can create amazing dishes such as this one. I can imagine the wonderful flavors of that soup and chicken given off by the stuffing. This is such a great dish!

  8. I find it fascinating that you have to cut the feet off your chickens. We in the USA are so spoiled. I love the sound of this soup.

  9. Yin, thks for visiting & leaving me a comment!

    Benjamin, thks for dropping by & good luck to your win!

    Peggy, u should try it some day. It's so delicious!

    Penny, we all miss our mum's cooking, don't we?? Hahaha!

    Lequan, thks & I'm glad u like it! Too bad it's heaty & we can't take it often.

    Kristen, I guess a lot of Asians love to eat Chicken Feet that's why it's not being cut off. People usually stew them.

  10. Woww... it's been a while since I've had a good ol' Chinese chicken herbal / ginseng.. looks delicious!! Can I order a bowl of that from you, please? :)

  11. Very informative post...I have never heard much information on ginseng, nor have I purchased it before. I have only had teas or supplements. Very healthy and comforting soup :)

  12. Wow, what a interesting and unique specialty, I would love to try this!

  13. This looks like an absolutely nutritious soup perfect for the winter months! I use more dong gui than ginseng. I'll have to get some of these red ginseng soon.

  14. Hi Shirley - glad you're back :) Hope you had a wonderful vacation!

    I love ginseng chicken soup, but don't eat it that often as well, ginseng is not cheap :P But I really enjoy it when I have it. Love your detailed step by step recipe. It looks wonderful!!

    It is true that ginseng helps athletic performance - I used to do tae kwan do and long distance running and found ginseng very helpful for energy and recovery from injuries. It's really quite fantastic!!

  15. Great post. I always have an interest in herbs and their uses.

  16. Kimberly, glad u like the soup!

    Alisha, I think it's only popular among Asians. But you should try it too if u've d chance.

    Natasha, it's really beneficial for our healthy if u believe & it's tasty.

    Biren, I love tong kui too, especially with eggs :)

    Denise, thks & I'd a great time. Ya, it's expensive but worth every bit. Tae kwan do?? I'm impressed. Thks for telling me. I must be careful of what I say next time. Hahaha! Only exercise I do is shopping. Hahaha!

    Shirley, looks like we've another common interest besides our name & cooking :)

  17. Hmm.. this reminds of a similar dish in Hongkong but without the Ginseng of course. Interesting.

  18. Penny, I'm curious what u ate in HK. Would love to try that too :)

  19. Holy beans! That looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing. What a nice dish to serve for a family dinner. Awesome post!


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