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Lovely Hershey’s Fruity Surprise

OMG! I can’t believe this post has been sitting in my blog & I’ve totally forgotten about it.

This dessert was really unplanned as I was cracking my head what to make for the party. I found some nice strawberries & Hershey’s Chocolates at the supermart & created this #FosterClark custard dessert.
hersheys special dark chocolates fruity surprise dessert recipe
Who would have known it would be that popular………… everyone emptied the #Hersheys dessert despite having a full stomach!

Here’s what you’ll need (Serves 6):
80g Foster Clark's Quick Custard Mix
1 tsp Sugar
150g Fresh Strawberries
1 can Mix Fruits (small)
150g Chocolate Pound Cake
1 bar of Hershey’s Chocolates
1 pkt of Coconut Cream (small)
Water to mix

  1. Cut pound cake into cubes & drop into cocktail glasses as base.
  2. chocolate pound cake dessert recipe
  3. Pour custard powder & sugar into a mixing bowl. Slowly stir in water to a consistency that you like. Texture should be creamy. Put a layer of custard into glasses.
  4. hersheys special dark chocolates foster clark custard recipe
  5. Cut up strawberries & add on to the layer. Top with pound cakes again & layer with can fruits. Add custard & pour coconut milk over it. Break up Hershey’s choc bar & add a piece on each glass. Chill for at least an hour before serving.
hersheys special dark chocolates fruity surprise dessert recipes
* Layer the ingredients according to your preference. If you’re sharp-eye enough, you can see 1 glass is different from the rest & that’s gotta be my son’s. He’d arranged it accordingly to his preference :)

This dessert was the last course @ my hubby’s Birthday Seafood Galore, which was indeed a fruitful one. Hop over now to check out the party if you haven’t!


  1. Jolene, you can get nice & cheap pound cakes from brands like Sara Lee, avail @ supermarkets. Have fun making!

  2. hey Shirley,

    this sounds and looks like a very deliciously satisfying dessert. strawberries, coconut cream, Hershey's can you not be satisfied with this combo of flavors. my only problem is, i'd probably want more than just one. thanks for sharing this wonderful creation.

  3. They are like little individual trifles. What a lovely end to a great celebration!

  4. What a wonderful way to end a long working day! Those look fantastic! I love your fruity!

  5. See, I have waited for so long already! Finally, the recipe is out! And it's still hot! haha.... Gosh, my list-to-do is completely packed.... as thick as a 500 pages notebook ! Frankly, these stuffs keep me motivate and I am happy with it. Thanks and hope you're having a fabulous evening.

  6. oh I would definitely clean out my plate if this was in it!!!

  7. Lequan, I'm a Coco-Nut! So the idea of adding coconut cream naturally pops up & I love it! That's the problem when it comes to eating dessert.... have to practise self-control. Hahaha!

    Kristen, thks so visiting & I'll be dropping by your blog soon!

    Faith, it's an excellent way to destress after a long week, isn't it?

    Kristy, Hahaha! Wow, looks like u've 101 things to do :) Have a good week ahead!

    Simply Life, careful..... hahaha! We've got our figures to watch!

  8. i am always short on desserts, this will come in handy hehe :)

  9. How cute Shirley - they remind me of the trifle my mother used to make when I was a child! I'm sure this tasted wonderful :)

  10. What a great dessert. You are becoming the dessert queen

  11. They look so pretty...Love when you can adjust a dessert to fit everyones likes. This is also a one for kid friendly, but looks elegant enough to impress guest :)

  12. Ian, that's great! Come back for more desserts :)

    Denise, & it's so easy to make!

    Penny, Hahaha! Looks like I've to make more desserts.

    Alisha, My desserts r just as sweet as u!


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