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Chin Huat, Cheap & Good Seafood

I was brought to this restaurant more than 10 years ago by my in-laws & I’ve never stopped visited since. Despite the place having gone through an overhaul sometime back, the prices in their menu remain reasonable. Now, it’s a chic & cozy place with both indoor or alfresco dining, nestled in the heartlands of S’pore.

Review Picked as Editor's Choice @ OpenRice S'pore

There’s only one purpose that drew me all the way from my home to Sunset Way - their Claypot Shark’s Fin.

The size of this claypot is good enough for 3 -4 people. There were just the two of us this time, so both my friend & I'd a few helpings of this tasty Shark’s Fin.

Dig into the claypot, you’ll find heaps of chunky fins. All these for just S$50! Isn’t this a steal?

One delicacy after another arrived. This time, it's one that is right at the top of my gourmet list – Abalone. I go weak when it comes to truffles, foie gras & abalones. I’m easily bribed by these gems. Look at this 2-head Abalone! It’s going at just S$38/piece. Where else can you find at this price? My head went into a daze the moment I sank my teeth into the mollusk & I was like in a dreamland. It’s really that good!

We also ordered the Deep-fried Cuttlefish @ S$12, which was lightly coated in salt & pepper. It’s one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Thumbs-up!

The Asparagus is also a must-try dish. The vegetable is sauteed with XO sauce & it’s simply out of this world. But @ S$16, it’s a little pricey for a vegetable dish.

Last on the list was the Fried Rice @ $10. So what’s so special about this fried rice? It’s fried with crabmeat & all 3 kinds of eggs. Yum-yum!

After eating all these, we just didn’t have room for desserts. But I get hungry very fast. So I decided to take away the Sri Lankan Crab with Egg-yolk. The 1kg crab @ S$42 is one of the cheapest I’ve come across. It’s really tasty. Only problem is, this style of cooking tends to be very dry & the meat always sticks to the shell.

Well, with reasonable prices like these, no wonder the place still draws an entourage.

Chin Huat Live Seafood Restaurant
Blk 105 Clementi St 12
#01-30 (Sunset Way)
Tel: (65)6775 7348


  1. Wow, what a wonderful meal! Almost all of my favorite dishes here. I've had that Sri Lankan crab with egg yolk before and definitely agree about the meat being too dry. If only they didn't over fry the crab it would be such a delectable dish. Sometimes I wonder if it would work better with lobster. I sure see why you've been a long time customer. Everything looks great! DROOL :-P

  2. I know this place and restaurant too..been going there once in a blue moon since poly days...but I have never knew they served shark's fin and it looks really good...OK, will get my hubby to bring me there during the long weekend to give it a shot and will share with you again on my verdict..

  3. Dry crab doesn't sound very nice :P but I love the asparagus and the abalone!! Must drag the family there one day for a huge feast. I LOVE seafood....

  4. Yummy, i always like a great zhe char place that is not the usual hk street, and the prices look really sweet!

    and the sharks fin is really a steal :)

  5. OK, so I am thinking now that Singapore is a the top of my travel list...when I actually get there, you and Denise can take me :)
    Not big on sharks fin (sorry), but everything else looks glorious. I do love Abalone and is a real treat for me, so I would be way happy :)

  6. Lequan, I feel they should crack open the shells more to let the egg yolk settle in else it's a waste. I've tried it with lobster at some restaurants. Sadly, results are the same.

    Mizuki, now that u know..... ur hubby's in trouble. Hahaha!

    Denise, go go! I'm sure u're gonna enjoy :)

    Ian, u should also visit & do a review on this one.

    Alisha, u must visit us & I'd love to take u out! Stay tuned for cheap airfare & hotel promos here. Hahaha!

  7. My kind of restaurant. The food looks great. Shark fin soup, love it. Deep fried cuttlefish, awesome. The veggie with the XO sauce, sublime. I could put XO on just about anything. Very well done review. Two thumbs up!

  8. ok u hv convinced me! will bring along my sidekicks and may even do a video review hehe

  9. Cool! Hope u'll enjoy the food too :)

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  11. Lydia, sorry for the late reply... must've missed it. I'll drop by as soon as I can & thks for visiting!


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