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Check Out My Facebook Fan Page!

Join me on my Fan Page @ Facebook  & check out all the great deals!
Luxury Indulgence is a one-stop blog by an ex-Flight Attendant, sharing years of Fine Dining, Luxury Shopping & Travel, adventurous Fusion Cooking experience, plus bringing you the latest Sale Events & Contests.

"To be tempted by the most brilliant chefs, is truly my dream”.
Through years of travelling around the world, I've developed a penchant for good food. You can read about restaurant reviews complete with pricing & photos.
I also love spending my favourite past time whipping up fusion dishes. I adore good food & get my inspiration from fine dining all over the world. Some of the recipes (with step-by-step photo instructions) I’ve created have received popular votes @ Foodies sites & won contests!

Unfortunately, Facebook's having some bugs & I couldn't send out the invitations. I hope I can reach out to you via this post. So subscribe & "Like" me @ my FB Fan page to stay updated with the latest Contests, Designer Sale Events, Hotel/Travel/Spa Promos & more!  Appreciate if you could also suggest it to your friends if you found my blog useful. Thank you once again, for your support!


  1. Hi Shirley! No problems, we will surely find you. I have "liked" your fan page :)

  2. I am already there and it's shared as a favorite on my page ;)

  3. hi Shirley,

    your facebook sounds terrific, unfortunately i've promised the hubby i will keep facebooking and blogging separate as there are many family pictures on my FB. it's something he's asked and something i need to respect. i'd love to continue to support you through blogging and twitter (if you have an account or decide to open one).

  4. going facebook now .... :) hehe

  5. Biren, thks for supporting!

    Alisha, I'm aware u were one of the early birds. Thks so much!

    Lequan, dun worry about it. I totally understand. Do you know u can configure the privacy? I did that too. U can also create a list for different groups of people & control your FB a/c. Let me noe if u need help.


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