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Spooky 20th Wedding Anniversary

Foie Gras, Caviar, Truffles………. I would normally not pass up such a chance to indulge in my fave food but I did, at the eleventh hour. I also managed to convince my hubby to take up a daring approach on an important occasion, our 20th Wedding Anniversary.
I traded my lovely designer dress & a pair of matching shoes which I’d intended to wear for my fine dining & slipped into jeans & boots instead. On top of that, I’d to sacrifice my beautiful skin to feed a combat of mosquitoes. Friends have always commended that I’ve nice aura. But not only I’m well-liked among friends, I’m especially popular with these blood-sucking creatures too. LOL! All these sacrifices made, in exchange for a spine-chilling experience on our special day. I kept my fingers crossed & hoped I’d made the right move.

So here we are, family of three, at the S’pore Night Safari Halloween Horrors, for our simple 3-course dinner @ the creepy Ulu Ulu Terrace. Price S$45++/pax (excludes S$40 off-peak admission & other Halloween activities). I look like a midget here, standing beside the 1.85m & 1.82m guys :<

In no time, we were served our mocktails, by a gruesome-looking waitress. As though that wasn’t hair-raising enough, the Goblin’s Blood Mocktails were certainly not a good start.

There were syringes with green liquid to inject into our drinks…

And I’d to swallow bloody “eye-balls”!

But it was all for good fun & very entertaining. These eye-balls were actually Lychees with Cherries & the gooey stuff around the eyes was Gelatine; the green liquid was syrup to sweeten the mocktails. We love it & had fun playing with it.

My husband, Ken, soon vomited blood after he was served the Soup.

Hahaha! The Bloody Pond was made of Beetroot & Tomato & it was delicious. I think I’m beginning to appreciate Beetroot. Ken was trying hard to create a serious, ghastly look but it was just too hilarious. We just couldn’t help laughing.

Then came the Monster’s Hand Shepherd’s Pie. The potato dish was filled with delicious minced beef & tomatoes. My son, Jonathan, liked the monster’s hand so much that he’d wiped the entire plate cleaned. Well, I must say he's a much better actor than Ken. At least Jon could control his laughter for this serious shot.

The “Death By Chocolate” Brownie was yummy too. It’s shaped like a coffin & served with “bones”.

All of a sudden, we were pounced upon by some monstrous creatures. Definitely not for the faint-hearted as they’re lurking at every corner, waiting to jump on you.

Aren’t these Ghoulish Chocs cute? Kids will definitely love these white chocolates.

Well, if you can survive this heart-thumping dining experience, you’ll be rewarded with priority boarding on the Train of Terror.

The food was better than expected & we’ve all enjoyed eating with the ghoulish dining companions. The service of the crew was tip-top. Bibik, senior staff of the restaurant, ensured everything went smoothly & had arranged a timely priority boarding of the tram for our next journey. Not only that, Bibik & restaurant Manager Immeran, had specially arranged a gift for Ken & I – a pair of giraffes for our anniversary!
Ulu Ulu Staff - Bibik & Qui Yan

Jon loves it too. So to please him, he got to keep both!

Read on for Part II, a heart pounding & thrilling experience awaits you @ Halloween Fun At Night Safari!


  1. Wow Shirley, happy annivesary to you! What a fun & adventures night out. I like surprises too and this must be so COOL! Did you arrange this or hubby? Have fun and enjoy your day. And of coz, looking forward for more.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. so thick and dark the eye brows!

  3. Kristy, u arrived early this time :) I arranged this as I'm more willing to try new stuff. Hahaha!

    Baby, whose eye brows r u referring to, the humans or.........??

  4. This is adorable Shirley. I really love anything Halloween themed.

  5. This sure is extra-ordinary anniversary celebration. Cool! With fun loving and full of ideas wife like you, i'm sure your hubby have fun too. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy and sure would come back for more......Halloween - i love that. LOL

  6. Happy anniversary! How cool... looking forward to part 2

  7. Happy Anniversary, Shirley! What a lovely post! Gosh...all those food and all those frights. Wonder if my heart can stand that...LOL

  8. Happy Anniversary Shirley! Twenty years is impressive :) You have a lovely family and I must say you look amazingly youthful for having been married 20 years!

  9. Happy Anniversary Shirley! I agree with Denise that you do look very youthful and I would never have thought you have been married for 20 years!

    Thanks for visiting and following. Glad to follow you back :)

  10. Happy Anniversay Shirley. What a handsome family. This is a fantastic way to celebrate your anniversary. Dare to try something different.

  11. Thank u everyone, for your warmth wishes! Do come back for more......

  12. So cute! Happy Anniversary to you both...such a beautiful family :)
    Big hugs,

  13. Happy Anniversary and many more to come. What a cool idea to spend a great night out with the family. Looks like a fun place. Gotta love the Monster's Hand Shepards pie.

  14. hie Shirley, Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary..and indeed this is a rare way to celebrate..hehe..but of coz it's a good experience..


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