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Halloween Fun At Night Safari

The nightmare begins, after our Spooky 20th Wedding Anniversary dinner. Be ready for shocks & spine tingling thrills abound @ the Night Safari.
Ken, Jon & I climbed aboard the tram after a hearty meal, held onto our nerves as it took us deep into the dark rainforest with creatures going on the rampage.
The Cemetery

During the heart-pumping rides, not only we get to see the usual nocturnal animals, we also saw things we shouldn’t be seeing.

A Ghost Wedding

Slew of monstrous figures
popping up from every corners

An evil revenge-seeker chasing after our tram

Can you see what's lurking behind Ken?

When the hair-raising ride was finally over, we were led to Trail Of The Undead, whereby we were about to experience more horrors, this time on foot!
It was indeed a nerve jingling walk through the twists & turns at the Nature Trail, discovering what lurks beneath. Here, we were the victims at their mercy. These creatures emerged everywhere, from the creepiest corners to darkest nooks, giving you heart-stopping frights.

As if the trail wasn’t nerve-racking enough, we headed for the Haunted Mansion for a 3-min scare. Enter if you dare!
Then, we were off to see the Creatures of the Night Show. This approx 20-minute animal presentation will introduce you to nocturnal animals & I can assure you’ll be entertained throughout by the adorable animals. *To protect the animals, no-flash photography is allowed here.
All of a sudden, there was a commotion. A huge python was found under one of the benches among the spectators. Errr.... when I mentioned about the adorable animals earlier, I wasn't referring to this. So beware, you'll never know what's hidden beneath your seats.
I was surprised that Night Safari was packed to the bream with people on a Friday, despite the exam fever going on. Every queue to the attractions was about an hr each. Without the help of the commendable staff at Night Safari, I’m sure my family’s adventure there wouldn’t be a smooth one due to the overwhelming crowd.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following people who’d made our anniversary an unforgettable one:

(Wildlife Reserves) David Yap – contacting relevant dept/restaurant, ensuring our dinner reservation is confirmed.

(S’pore Zoo)
Zheng How (sorry if I’ve misspelt) – escorting us from the Zoo to Haunted Mansion, waited for us to finish our spooky adventure & led us back.

(Night Safari)
Simon Lim, Operations – getting us into & on time for Creatures of the Night Show & Haunted Mansion

2 lovely Malay ladies @ the reception – escorting us from Night Safari to Zoo & back.

(Ulu Ulu)
Immeran Ismail – making arrangements for our dinner
Bibik & Qui Yan – excellent service throughout the entire dinner

Thank you once again, for all your kind arrangements!
Now, who said Singapore’s service isn't World Class??

Check out Night Safari for your spine-chilling adventure, definitely not for the faint-hearted! Hop on to read about our Spooky Dinner Adventure if you haven't. Bon Appetit!


  1. Shirley, I think this should be the night you'll never forget! You were having such a fabulous time with your family, a happy family! yay... Hope you're having a wonderful ahead.

  2. This is really a spooky adventure. I dun think I will ever dare to do it. You are so brave!

  3. Oh my gosh...that's scary. I don't think my poor heart can last through the whole journey...haha. What a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary...sure one that you will remember for life :D A great family time together though!

  4. That actually looks quite scary LOL I think I might have screamed a few times :D I'm sure you had a lovely time with your family :)

  5. Looks like my kind of place. I am down for a ghoulish time for sure. Glad you were able to spend a great time out with your family.

    Good call on the truffles...I'll be on the lookout.

    Be well!

  6. Wow! Thanks Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading and i never know that night safari could be so much fun. And so lucky of you to get all the special arrangement for you anniversary. And BRAVO to you for being able to remember all the staff who make all these possible - really commendable!

  7. Kristy, it was indeed a nite to remember...

    agapejen, I was only brave for one nite. Hahaha!

    Mary, it was a heart-pumping nite. Thank God I'd 2 bodyguards!

    Denise, screams were everywhere, but that's the best part. LOL!

    M. Spice, it's the 1st time I've really celebrated Halloween.

    Lazaro, I can tell u're a dare-devil!

    Deli S, it was better than expected. Yah, we were lucky to have met some nice people who'd gone all the way to help us. I always make it a point to ask for names of outstanding service staff. Appreciation notes make their day :)


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