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Crispy Anchovy Garlic Toast

The first time I tried this was at the Japanese Restaurant, Waraku. It was love at first bite & I knew I’d to try making this myself. I remember heading straight to the supermarket right after my meal to look for Anchovies.

Recipe Featured @ Ptit Chef as 'Starter of the Day!

I bought John West Anchovies & mixed with garlic & parsley to make the toast. It was good but terribly salty; I’d added too much. Subsequently, I learnt to control the amount of Anchovies & frequently make this delicious crispy toast. Well, if you're thinking of ordering this @ Waraku, they've already discontinued this sometime back :<

This time round, I bought Crown Prince Anchovies in Olive Oil. Both brands are just as good. I just take whichever is on promo :) Next, we’ll need bread, garlic, parsley & we’re ready to go.

6 Slices of bread
2 Pieces of anchovies
2 tsp Minced Garlic
3 tbsp Butter
½ tsp Parsley flakes

  1. Mash Anchovies & mix all ingredients together. * Make sure you mash it well into tiny bits or it'll be very salty.
  2. Trim the sides of the bread & cut in halves. Spread on butter mixture & grill till slightly brown & crispy.
  3. The aroma from the garlic & parsley will give the toast an added punch!

I’d paired this with Cream of Wild Mushroom during my hubby’s Birthday Seafood Galore. Click on the highlighted links for details!

I've also recreated this tasty appetizer together with a Bruschetta. Check it out at Hearts On Fire “Bruschetta”!


  1. I was really looking forward to this recipe. Thanks for sharing it so soon.....

  2. Shirley, I love the bread and soup combo! Very appertizing. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks Shirley :) I was looking forward to the garlic anchovy toast recipe! I always have anchovies in my kitchen - they really add wonderful flavour to so many things. Much better than Ajinomoto ;)

  4. Deli S, hope u'll start making it :)

    Kristy, thks! I noticed ur posting patterns.... few comments at one shot. Hahaha!

    Denise, glad u like it! Precisely & I dun own any Ajinomoto in my kitchen. It's a banned product here. Hahaha!

  5. Hi
    I tried making the bread but I din 'listen' to your advice. I was lazy and din mash it too well and it is really salty. I tried it again, and this time, I mash it well and it is really yummy. Thanks for the recipe

  6. Jen, that's great! Glad u like it :)

  7. This toast sounds super delicious with anchovies!

  8. can i grill in the microwave, if mine has grilling function? but for how long?

    1. Jolene, of course you can! Depending on the type of oven, some need to preheat before grilling. Some ovens can grill at just 150 deg. Toasts brown really fast, so be careful. Have fun!

  9. Loved it simple! I think I need to replace anchovies with any local fish. Shirley you have any idea about substitutes?

    1. Rimli, u can try any canned fish in the supermarket. Should still be good :) Have fun!


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