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Birthday Seafood Galore

“Happy Birthday to you………………” song was supposed to start off my hubby’s birthday dinner but it didn’t. My mischievous teenage son uttered, “There's no need for birthday song for those over 20 yrs of age.” LOL! So he won, & the dinner commenced without the opening song.

There was a special guest this time, my brother’s girlfriend. In total, I’d to cook for 6. At the supermarket, I found some really nice Avocados & decided to serve that with Surimi Crabmeat as a starter.

For my next course, I made Crispy Anchovy Garlic Toast to go with my Cream of Wild Mushroom, using Portobello & Mixed Button Mushrooms.

For main, I decided to reconstruct the Seafood Ciopinno my family ate at a restaurant sometime ago. Cioppino is somewhat similar to Bouillabaisse, traditionally made from the catch of the day, typically a combination of seafood & tomatoes in a wine sauce. Bouillabaisse is a regular affair at home, so I just had to add Linguine & Soft Shell Crab to imitate the restaurant’s Seafood Ciopinno.

My bro’s gal asked me what’s the name but I haven’t thought of it then. I shall now name it Hershey’s Fruity Surprise.
Dessert was really impromptu. I picked whatever I can see from the supermart & created this.

I'm humbled that 4 of these recipes have been featured in popular American & French food sites. So click on the links & get cooking!


  1. Oh wow! Lovely menu and what a nice name - Hershey’s Fruity Surprise

  2. Happy Birthday to you husband! That's such a lovely meal you prepared. Nice name for your dessert. I still think singing the birthday song is nice for all ages :D

  3. Your husband is so lucky to have such a thoughtful wife. I will never be able to do all these dishes, looks so yummy and beautiful. I usually just dump everything on the plate, no wonder my son is not eating :)

  4. looks like a great meal for his birthday!

  5. Happy birthday to your husband! Your birthday dishes sure looks tempting and i shall look out for the recipe. Mm.... "Hershey" must pay you for advertising and creating a dessert using their product. LOL.

  6. Penny, hahaha! U think it's nice too??

    Mary, thks! Absolutely, why should we be left out?? LOL!

    Agapejen, u're too humble! And funny too :)

    Simply Life, we'd a great time eating & chatting. It was a nice gathering.

    Deli S, thks! Mmmm.... how true. Can u talk to Hershey's? Hahaha!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband! The menu looks lovely. I love that your garlic toast has anchovy in it - very savory and tasty! The Cioppino looks fantastic. But you know what my favourite from your menu is? The mushroom soup LOL I'm a simple girl ;)

  8. Hey Shirley, Happy Belated Birthday to your handsome boyfriend(hubby is too old to be call)! haha... The birthday menu looks marvellous. will catch up with you later. Something just came up! See ya later.

  9. Denise, thks for your warmth wishes! Mushroom soup is a very popular item around the world & my fave too!

    Kristy, hahaha! U're cute :) Thks for your time!

  10. guess i'm super late to wish your hubby a happy belated birthday. this was such a wonderful meal you cooked up. birthdays are always more special when you cook the meal yourself for your loved ones, rather than going out to a restaurant. i wish i had your skillful cooking talents. i would've loved every bite of this meal as i'm a huge seafood fan. wonderful dishes you made there.

  11. Lequan, thks for your warmth wishes! Better late than never :) U're too humble. I enjoy going thru your cooking too!


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