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Be The One To Win A Mysterious Prize!

Hey, words are getting around fuss & furious. I’ve just received mine. Have you gotten yours yet?

They’re colourful & come in all shapes & sizes. Durable, sturdy & help you put your daily essentials in place. Yap, I’m talking about the latest Bag Organizers!

Gone are the days of ransacking through your bags for your stuff & no more mess from leaking pens etc. Bag Organizers carry & store all bag necessities, making it easy to switch bags without clearing your things. This sturdy organizer has pockets that will fit your daily essentials, keeping everything in place.

Guys, you’re not left out either. Bag Organizers are especially handy for backpacks too. No more digging into your sack just to find your novels, gadgets etc. Check out how I organize my stuff & easily switch from one bag to another.

I got the large one measuring 11.5”(L) x 5”(W) x 6”(H) & started loading to see how I can fit my stuff in:

Left pockets: Glasses & beloved Mont Blanc.
Front: Name card holder, key pouch & ear-phones.

Back: Hello Kitty Limited Edition 8.1mpx Casio Exilim & make-up kit
Middle: Umbrella & novel
Middle slots: Shopping VIP cards, wallet

I chose the L-size to fit into my LV Neverfull MM & it’s a perfect fit.

Let me see how easy it is to switch my stuff from one bag to another. I love backpacks but it’s always a hassle to look for stuff. Now I can just grab the whole organizer & slot into another bag.

Bingo! It fits perfectly into my LV Montsouris backpack, measuring 12" (L) x 15" (H). Now I can simply put my cardigan on top of it without having to search for my essentials below. So what’s the price of this stunning organizer?? This classy item from Smoocholito costs only S$24.90!

Now, you can also stand a chance to win a mysterious prize just by "liking" me on Facebook (read the instructions & follow the steps carefully):
  1. Go to Smoocholito profile in FB to ‘ Like ’ the page.
  2. Click on ' Photo ' tab, then ' Birthday Contest ' album.
  3. Click on my pix (wearing army-green t-shirt) & click on “Like” again.
  4. Check to see if your name is there once you've clicked the "Like" button on my pix. If you name's not there, it means you've not done it correctly. Your name needs to be there to be entitled for the lucky draw!!
  5. Once your name's there, keep your fingers crossed & wait for results to be announced!
Hurry as contest ends on 30th Nov 2010 at 2359h!
Thank you for your votes & GOOD LUCK!!>


  1. Thanks for letting me know, Shirley. Wow....that looks like great bag to have! I have juts followed your instruction above. Now...hope luck comes my way :D Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for clueing me in on the giveaway Shirley. Will definitely check it out :)

  3. Thanks Shirley. You are so sweet for letting me know..wish me luck ;))

  4. That is one organized bag, Shirley. You are too funny. So glad we were able to meet. I like. I like!

  5. are so sweet :) Wish everybody luck!

  6. you are a pretty... done my vote..

    IUD? i'll google it

  7. Good luck on the contest, Shirley. I just voted for you :). Have a wonderful week.

  8. Voted and good luck!

  9. Thank u all, for your votes & good luck to u too!

  10. good luck and voted, hope you win :)

  11. Shirley, you are never out of great idea and suggestion ... Thanks

  12. Xin Yun & Jordan, thks so much & let's keep our fingers crossed!

  13. wah, u got tht Dan Brown 'Lost Symbol' ah
    I read his last 4 books but not this yet,
    lend me after u finished lor

  14. Hahaha! So u're his fan too?? Ok, ok, will pass to u once I've finished :)


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