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Be My Friend Forever

Friends are like gems to me; so vulnerable, yet so precious. I treasure friendship, as much as I treasure my diamonds :) However, it’s not easy to sustain a pure & sincere friendship, especially lasting more than a decade.
Jen is my ex-classmate from secondary school, backdating all the way to 1980s. Yes, it’s that long. But we kept in close touch, though not meeting often. The last we met was a Sweet Indulgence At The Marmalade Pantry, more than a year ago. I’m always happy to see her.

Jen came to visit me, making more than an hour of journey by bus, train & bus again.

I’d the intention to prepare a feast fit for a queen, but Jen said she couldn’t stay long as she needed to pick her son up from school. She came after lunch, with a full stomach. A little disappointed, but I did not forget her approaching birthday on Oct 15. Besides a bottle of perfume that I’d arranged for her, I’d to prepare some snacks. That's the least I can do.

I try to remember my friends’ birthdays. Not that I’m running on the lastest memory chip with the highest capacity, but I make it a point to record their birthdates. So I won’t miss any, at least try my best not to. Now with Facebook, things even get easier, I get a reminder just before their birthdays.

Well, I wanted Jen to try the latest cocktail that I’d created for The Cocktail Challenge: "Luxury Haven" Cocktail Is Born!
Still using the same base, but I substituted Champagne with Sprite & the Yume with Strawberries instead. So did she like it?? Well, she finished the drink. So either she really liked it or she was really thirsty. LOL!

Then, I prepared Craby Celery Sticks with Bacon Bits. For sure, she loves the sticks as she was asking a lot of questions on the preparation. I wanted to give her something refreshing & crunchy since there was gonna be Deep-fried Prawn Paste Chicken Wings, so the Celery idea was perfect.
Come back for the recipe soon. However, I won’t be posting the recipe for the wings as it’s really too straightforward. You’ll just need to mix fermented prawn paste, which comes in a block, with water to make a paste. It’s almost effortless to make. Important thing is how you control the fire to make it really crispy.
Dessert was an implementation of the Hershey’s Fruity Surprise @ my hubby's Birthday Seafood Galore. But I’ve used up all the custard & coconut cream, so I'd to make do with Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey instead. Oh, how I love playing around with food. I’m a colourful person, so I toy with my recipes accordingly to my mood & the ingredients in my kitchen :)

Despite having a full stomach as she’d said earlier, I was glad Jen emptied all the dishes I’d fixed.

Jen then took out some gifts. OMG! It’s a Pearly Pink Hello Kitty Key Pouch that she’d gotten from Japan!! And……… she hand-made these pretty bookmarks & hp charm with “Shirley” beads on it!
Aren’t they lovely? Jen’s amazingly good with her pair of hands. She makes crafts & bakes too. Hop over to Agapejen Crafts Collections to take a look at their creations.

Jen also bought a box of donuts from Donuts Factory, enough to feed my family of 3. Hahaha!. Well, it was another day of fun & laughter!

Do you also have friends that you really treasure? Share with us one beautiful moment with him/her here & inspire others to treasure friendship. Let's give a toast to long-lasting & marvelous friendship!


  1. I am really touched by your warmth and sincerity. I loved all the food you have prepared, and the drink, I emptied it cos it is really refreshing, I can't use any words to describe it. As for the celery,.. I am still thinking of it today, I can't believe celery can be so delicious. I really think the 1 hour plus journey is worth it...
    And thanks for the birthday gift etc.
    Friendship Forever!

  2. So lovely of Jen, i especially like her hand made gifts. I still remember the fridge magnet that she hand draw for you during your last met up with her. Really lovely! Ya, friendship is a precious gift...

  3. Shirley, you are amazing :) What a fantastic heart you have... And a very Happy Birthday to you Jen :) I will pop over and see her site...

  4. A friend till the end. Beautiful post. Your warmth really shines through.

    Are you on facebook? Send me a friends request to Lazaro Cooks. I am on there quite a bit, and would love to see you there.

    Be good.

  5. I think Jen was trying to celebrate your birthday at the same time as well. LOL! Gifts exchanged going on here! ^_^ Too bad, most of my friends are staying faraway. We probably only meet once a year or so when I'm back to my parents' place. Thanks for sharing your wonderful moment and looking forward to your craby celery post.
    Cheers, Kristy
    p/s good that at least my neck became shorter now! haha... Thanks alot.

  6. Beautiful post on friendship and lovely food and gifts. Totally agree with you that friendship is very precious. A true friend is more precious than diamonds. I remember I met my childhood friends again one day on the streets after about 15 years! We have been best friend since.

  7. I did a quite count and we have known each other for at least 3 decades?? I am never good at Maths when it comes to age...

  8. You are such a lovely person Shirley! Anyone would be fortunate to call you "friend" :) The Hello Kitty pouch is so charming and your non alcoholic cocktail is as pretty as the one you did for the challenge!

  9. Jen, friendship forever!

    Deli S, I love those magnets! U've super memory :)

    Alisha, u're too kind with your words & thks!

    Lazaro, thks & looking fwd to connect with u more often @ FB!

    Kristy, u're funny lah! Maybe S'pore's nearer. Hahaha! Drop by more often yah :)

    Mary, I can imagine your excitement when u bump into your childhood friend. May your friendship lasts forever too!

    Jen, time flies & it's already 3 decades! I can calculate well only when it comes to shopping discounts. Hahaha!

    Denise, kindness begets kindness. I always keep that in mind. Thks for your lovely comments!


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