2 Awesome Blogger Awards!

Of late, I‘ve met some wonderful food bloggers who have generously extended their friendship to me & supported my blog even though I’m not exactly a food blogger. One of them is none other than, Alisha of Ardent Epicure.

From the blog’s name, I guess she doesn't need much introduction. The moment you step into her blog, a recent contender in a Project Food Blog, you’ll be greeted by artful photography & recipes, which makes me ashamed of my very own :<
So here's another lovely award. This time, from Alisha, & her prologue truly touches me:

“I am passing this award onto people that I find make both this virtual world and real world of ours a much better place. But not necessarily due to their beautiful recipes, plating or even photography. Quite simply this group of bloggers are not only generous with their talents that they share with us so openly, but with their hearts. These individuals take time and care to support others. They use their voices, talents and blogs to do everything from environmental awareness, charitable activities, supporting fellow bloggers efforts, all the way down to simply bringing a well needed smile to someone else's face.”

Thank you Alisha, for the lovely award! I’m glad to have met a fellow blogger like you & be part of your community.

A while ago, I’ve also received an award - The Versatile Blogger Award. I was to bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered blogs, which I’d only listed 8. Today, I’d like to add 2 more new bloggers, which I’ve found their blogs both informative & picturesque.
I’d to present the Versatile Blogger Award to:

Lazaro Cooks. Lazaro is one of the most serious & sincere bloggers I’ve met. His food is spoken of with a reverence reserved for works of art. Besides displaying his culinary arts in his blog, you can also find many guest posts from other fellow bloggers.

More Than A Mount Full - A Culinary Journey. Dennis is a Chef! How cool! I’ve stumbled upon his blog when he casted a vote for Be The One To Win A Mysterious Prize! Thanks for the vote, Dennis! Without that, I wouldn’t have found your great blog!

Hop on to these 2 palatable blogs now & get cooking! For those who haven't joined the contest, remember to vote here & you can also win yourself a mystery prize!


  1. Congrats on your award Shirley! Alisha is such a sweetie. I love her blog.

  2. Hey Shirley, Congratulations on being recognized with these awards. Thanks for stopping by my blog via Lazaro and leaving your kind comment. I'm happy to check out your recipes and will like you on Facebook so I can get your updates, have a great weekend, Patty

  3. Shirley,

    Thank you kindly. I am so very glad I met you and look forward to getting to know you even better.

    You do a fantastic job here. SLH is def on my must read list for sure. I think you should get your black belt in blogging as well.

    Be Good...

  4. Congrats Shirley on your lovely awards :) Alisha is a wonderful blogger and foodie friend!

  5. Hi Shirley

    Congratulations on recieving the awards, and thank you so much for thinking of me and passing them along. You honor me not only with the awards, but in whose company you place me in. Lazaro is such an incredilbe blogger that this makes the award extra special.
    I am so glad that I found your blog!

  6. Oh Shirley, you are always such a warm spot in my day...Your blog may not always be about food, but it is always about passions and that is what we all want to see. You are a wonderful part of this blogging world, and your passions shine through.
    I am so pleased to see that you have added to your Versatile Blogger award recipients. These are two wonderful Chefs whom I enjoy immensely :)
    You are a most pleasant part of this community...Huge hugs, Alisha

  7. Thank u so much for your kind words & I'm glad to have met all of u!


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