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Summer Love in Bangkok

Day 2: Paradise In Bangkok

Day 3: Instead of wading through crowds under scorching sun in the city of Bangkok, last day was just lazing around, pampering ourselves. Lunch was at this Thai sanctuary tucked in the basement of Erawan Bangkok, the Nara Thai Cuisine. The food is better than Erawan Tea Room but if you’re looking for ambience, than that is a better choice.

Nothing beats an icy Blended Coconut Juice on a hot day. I cooled myself with one before settling down with my lunch orders.

The fiery Tom Yum Kung is one of the best I’ve eaten in BKK. These river prawns are served in a flaming hot pot, with gave an additional touch to the already spicy lemongrass soup. Price @ 250THB is slightly higher than others but you get really big prawns.

Crispy Morning Glory & Prawns @ 160THB. Wanted to try as it looks interesting. Never had deep-fried “Kang Kong” before. Well, it turned out to be just so-so. Just like ordinary Tempura.

The Fish Cakes @ 140THB is tastier than the ones I tried the day before at Erawan Tea Room.

I like the Stir-fried Pork with Garlic @ 180THB. The tender meat was as close as those I cook at home, so it reminded me of home, sweet, home.

This is my No. 1 fave – the Crispy Fried Chicken @ 160THB. These fragrant chicken pieces are fried with Thai herbs, sending an aromatic scent across the table.

One common dish I noticed in Thailand is that they like to fry the Kale with Roasted Pork. The 160THB vegetable here is just moderate as I’ve tried better ones.

Chris & I rested a while after our full stomach. Then, we proceeded to Conrad’s beauty parlour to indulge in a hair wash, mani & pedicure. Surprisingly, the charges were very reasonable. The shampoo blow-dry was @ 500THB & the hand/foot care was @ 1000THB. We’d 3 ladies each taking care of us. For a total of just S$65 per person, it’s a steal considering it was done at a 5-star hotel.

Soon after, it was time for our departure to S’pore.
Bangkok, with or without the recent series of clashes & bomb attacks, still hasn’t lost its charm.

Nara Thai Cuisine
Lower Grd Flr, Erawan Bangkok
Tel: (662) 250 7707


  1. Delicious eats! I would love to try the crispy fried chicken, yum!

  2. I love that mini spa treatment...I would be back daily :) And I found the presentation of the soup fascinating. Seems like a wonderful trip :)

  3. This looks amazing Shirley! I could use one of those coconut drinks and a massage myself. Thanks again for the award.

  4. Oh Shirley, this is the most mouthwatering post ever! haha... Make me wanna fly over to Bangkok right away. Btw, that salon sounds like a perfect treat to all. You're treated like a princess! haha.... Enjoy your day.
    Chers, Kristy

  5. Wow!! I love Thai food - the ice blended coconut juice and fried chicken are so mouthwatering! How much is a ticket to Bangkok these days?! ;)

  6. 5 Star F, the chix is fantastically delicious!

    M. Spice, the entire trip was good :)

    JillyAnn, congrats again!

    Kristy, can never get sick of BKK.

    Denise, seems they've raised the alert again. Not safe to go now :<

  7. The food looks delicious. Do you have any recipes for pad pak/phak (not sure of the spelling?
    It is one of my favorites but I can't find a recipe.

  8. Rachael, thks for dropping by! I've not heard of that dish. Is it a noodle or meat dish? Maybe u can tell me more. I've a Thai student, I can chk with her if u like :)


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