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Paradise In Bangkok

Day 1: Shopping & Italian Food In Bangkok

Day 2 was more shopping at MBK, an enormous 8-storey mall located just next to the popular Pathumwan Princess Hotel. The mall is situated right at the heart of Bangkok & is the beginning of shopping centres along Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok’s main shopping street. One can practically find everything here, from fashion, food, to electronics. Skytrain (BTS) Station: National Stadium or Siam.

Well, I got this pair of beaded flip-flops for just S$4!

I like this cute “Puma” t-shirt & bought it for my son. The letter “P” had been altered to “C”, which reads Coma with the Puma signature leopard upside down & bandaged. I got this for 100THB, which is less than S$5!

After MBK, Chris & I went over to Siam Square & I also got this lacy top for just S$10!! The trick is to bargain at these 2 shopping areas.

Shop ’til you drop & explore the 10 facets of luxury, beauty, sports, hi-tech comm, lifestyle & dining at Siam Paragon. MBK, Siam Sq & Siam Paragon are all within walking distance.

One of the must-buy stuff for S’poreans heading to Bangkok is lingerie. The Triumph & Warcoal brands are so much cheaper. Chris & I got ourselves a basket each & started loading our stuff. It was a fruitful trip.

We hopped over to Erawan area to have our dinner after shopping. I like this cozy & chic Thai restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of the Erawan Bangkok, famed for its traditional Thai cuisine complemented by refreshing beverages in a beautifully-appointed semi-casual setting.

The Erawan Tea Room, has panoramic windows overlooking the fascinating Erawan Shrine & they’ve a wide selection of teas from India, China, Sri Lanka & Thailand available for sale.

Chris & I both have big appetite. Besides my usual orders at this place, Chris added some too. We ended up with 7 dishes just for the 2 of us.

Nice Deep-fried Fish Fritters at 150 THB. The Pandan Chicken is a smaller version. I like it because it’s not too chunky & big especially for ladies.

I wouldn’t recommend the Deep-fried Shrimp Toast at 200THB. It wasn’t exactly what I’d expected. This toast was a little soggy & bland, so it’s out for me. The Galangal-flavoured Prawns in Coconut Milk at 160THB is a must-have whenever I’m here.
Minced Pork with Basil Leaves at 190THB. Yum-yum! It’s still as good as before.

Chris added Roasted Duck in Red Curry at 190THB. I didn’t get to try as I don’t eat duck. She liked it & finished everything by herself.

We didn’t have enough of soup, so we placed another order. This time, a Tom Yum Kung at 170THB. This is the 1st time I’ve tried this spicy & sour prawn soup here, as I've always ordered the coconut-based soup. It was just ok, not as rich as I’d prefer.

Complimentary fruits

We had intended to go to Lumpini Night Market after dinner but was shocked to learn that half the market stalls were already gone. Apparently, the Thai govt is making effort to close down this nite market. Left with no choice, we headed to Patpong instead.

The vibrant Patpong wasn’t so alive as before, or maybe I was already getting tired of the same old stuff selling there. Honestly, Patpong does have its fair share of shopping area other than being a sleazy place. If you're into "nite life" & fake goods, this is the place to go.

For those haven’t been to Patpong, the place is home to the city's most popular & renowned night market & it’s a just couple of blocks between Silom & Suriwong Roads, down from the Sala Daeng Skytrain Station.

Personally, of all the “markets”, I prefer Lumpini & Chatuchak. Much bigger with more varieties. Chris & I finished our stop at Patpong in less than 15mins. We then decided to go for foot massage.

Green Leaf is located just below the Sala Daeng Station. The 1hr foot massage cost just 250THB & it’s open till midnite!

Before heading back to our hotel, we dropped by Häagen-Dazs to have our ice-cream before saying good-nite.

Read on for more dining & spa experience at Summer Love In Bangkok. Or you may wanna check out my post on Laksa, Freebies Galore At Changi Airport before my departure to Bangkok!


  1. Although many are comfortable at hotel restaurants, and some do offer good food, the entrees shown are priced at 4 times or more what one would typically spend at most Bangkok shops.

  2. The massages are really good and so cheap!

  3. Anonymous, totally agree. This is one of the higly-rated & recommended restaurants in BKK & I wouldn't mind paying for good food.

    Penny, they're really a bargain, aren't they?? Hahaha!

  4. Looks like you really did have a good time shopping, bargaining and eating, and lots of good buy too. And yet it's not ending yet, i'll surely come back for more.....

  5. Btw, i like the way the "fake" puma is being presented too. So cute!

  6. nice post u have shirley. not that i'm adventurous. maybe i just dont trust the outlet where i afraid that they will just lock u up and try to con u or sth haha

  7. The shopping sounds fun...sorry seems the food was not to your expectations :(

  8. Deli S, so much to do in BKK :)

    Kelly, thks! U're cute. Hahaha! I'm a no-no street food person.

    Alan, really like that t-shirt!

    M. Spice, food wasn't bad overall. Just won't order the Prawn Toast & Tom Yam next time :)

  9. Hi Shirley,

    Used to drop by Bangkok every now and then a couple of years back when I'm still in Singapore. Well, that's before the riots. Wife and I just couldn't stop eating but can't blame us for that, can you? lol

    There's this Thai massage that we always go to. Can't remember which soi that is in but I think it's called Wat Massage (Wat as in temple in Thai).

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by Singaporean in London! Looking forward to more great posts over at Luxury.

  10. S'porean in London, that's the problem when one visit BKK... can't stop eating. Hahaha! Looking fwd to sharing!

  11. Haha... I like that 'Coma' T-shirt!


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