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The Luxury of Home Fashion Shopping

It seems that the boys have had it all their own way for too long in the arena of online shopping. It is not clear why it should have been so, maybe because their ‘toys’ have always had a more high-tech feel to them and just naturally slotted into the online retail environment.

There is of course still our need for real retail therapy where nothing but a day browsing our favourite boutiques punctuated with lunch, coffee and drinks will do.

It all started with those hefty catalogues where you could buy a glossy dream in 48 easy payments. Along came the internet and although many high street retailers started having a web presence, in many cases this seemed an afterthought and clearly played second fiddle to their stores. At the luxury end of the market the sea change actually started ten years ago when Natalie Massenet started in a very small way and grew Net-a-Porter into a vast enterprise.

What made the situation different was the returns process. I am, depending upon where from and what I buy, a size 8, a 10 or a 12 and this means that the risks are huge in buying sight unseen. Free and effective returns processes take away this risk and you can also avoid the “how is it going in there” conversations with staff whilst trying on your new (potential) purchase?

So the shopping situation has changed and it as an absolute boon. I am able to save my valuable “me time”, on those rare occasions when my little darling is being pampered by grandparents, for me. You can now shop at any hour of the night or day, which is ideal for the sleep deprived or the very busy.

It also seems that there is a very good reason that they call it the WORLD Wide Web. You are no longer limited to what fashions your local high street stores think you should be wearing. If you have an eye for style then you can pick the next big thing from countries across the globe.

The online shopping experience does not have to be a solitary one, why not have a few friends over and do your browsing with a few glasses of something bubbly and work out together where you are going to go to wear your new purchases.

My favourite benefit of online shopping is the price; it seems that the lower overheads are passed straight on to consumers. Add to that secret weapons like La Redoute Discount Codes where you can get additional discounts and you are on to an absolute winner. Along with La Redoute Discount Vouchers you can take advantage of special offers on particular items or even just an extra few pounds off the whole bill.

I can assure you that once you get into the luxurious world of online shopping the world is quite literally your oyster, with designer brands, fantastic discounts, huge choice, quick, easy and free returns and best of all you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to shop.


  1. I have never bought clothes online. I have always felt that if something didn't fit, it would be a big hassle to return it. That being said, I do love looking though the La Redoute catalog when it comes.
    *kisses* HH

  2. What a fun idea to have a little party while browsing the world of online shopping... I do like to partake, probably too often :) I am very tall so some clothing can be difficult...

  3. H.Housewife, neither have I bought clothes online. But I enjoying shopping online for travel pkgs, bedlinens etc. So convenient!

    M. Spice, envy! I tend to "look up" to tall people :)


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