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Is Jumbo Seafood Over-rated?

It was one of those beautiful Sunday afternoons where families get together for a nice lunch. My brother suggested taking mum to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Safra Changi. I kinda like the idea as I’ve only been to the popular one @ East Coast.
Nestled among the greens of the peaceful Safra Country Club, the restaurant was packed with foodies going for Jumbo’s Tim-Sum. The menu displayed an arrary of mouthwatering dishes.

Amongst those was the recommended Deep-fried Scallops @ S$18, which looked good in the menu. The plate of Scallops were stuffed with Chinese Pear & glazed with Plum Wine. The Scallops, came drenched in mayonnaise, tasted sweet & flavourable, though a far cry from the pix in the menu.

The Shark’s Fin with Crabmeat was pathetic, but then again, what can one expect from just S$14 a bowl.

Another recommended dish was the Deep-fried Tilapia, which we ordered with an unanimous vote. Patrons could view the fishes & crustaceans swimming in the fish tanks. Well, take a look at the Before & After pix of the Red Tilapia @ S$4/100g.

The freshwater fish weighing 800g @ S$32, was deep-fried till crispy, accompanied by the Nonya Sauce. The fish tasted bland but it went very well with the tangy sauce, which was a little sweet & sour, with a tinge of lemongrass.

With over S$150 spendings, patrons are entitled to a complimentary dish of Chef’s Special, which was Prawn Balls with Pork Floss. The seafood is coated with Seaweed & Floss with a touch of lemon scent. Kinda like this dish & I’m gonna try making this at home soon. Mmmm…… yum-yum!

We ordered the Silver Fish @ S$8, which was served in a basket. It was a let-down as compared to Lei Gdn, Li Bai & Man Fu Yuan, which by far, serve the best Silver Fish. The portion was generous but too much batter & oily.

The Homemade Tofu @ S$14 is worth trying. The healthy Spinach Beancurd was topped with a mixture of mushrooms which makes the dish especially tasty.

Since this is a famous seafood restaurant, one naturally can’t go without ordering crabs. Well, their crabs going @ S$42/kg is reasonably affordable. The staff presented us with their signature bibs which it’s kinda cute.

We ordered ours cooked in the pepper & salt style, instead of the usual chilli or black pepper. We wanted something different. Well, nothing to shout about, but no complaints either.

I like the Mango Pudding. The diced mango bites were sour, so it blended well with the pudding.

Overall, food was just so-so. Service wasn’t commendable either. No one change our plates throughout our lunch. Maybe they were too busy coping with the crowd. Rating: 3/5. I think Jumbo is a little over-rated. I’m not much of a Jumbo fan since their East Coast branch. But I’m surprised the prices are not as expensive as I recalled, or maybe it’s just this branch.

After lunch, we took a walk outside & were fascinated by the scenery there. Lush greenery surrounded the area. We were greeted by a charming landscape, coupled with a golf course. As it was a sunny day with clear weather, there were lots of golfers at the green.

We also spotted some kids at a putting green, pitching their skills.

Well, I wouldn’t mind having lunch there after a game of golf or if I’m staying at the resort. I definitely won’t travel all the way to Changi just to eat at Jumbo.

Have you been to Jumbo? What’s your experience there?

Jumbo Seafood @ NSRCC
10 Changi Coast Walk
SAFRA Resort
Singapore 499739
Tel: (65) 6552-3435


  1. thanks for the add in foodbuzz!

    as for jumbo, its not overrated for me, just that in recent yrs, places like mellben has overtaken it as the seafood place to go, esp for family outings.

    despite being overstated, the mellben crab bee hoon is still a winner in my books!

  2. wow,you have a great meal and a great day!

  3. presentation in the menu is always nicer than actual

  4. omg! the tilapia is so expensive, in msia u can get those fishes for like rm2.50/100gm which is like 1/4 the price!

  5. Ian, thks for dropping by! Heard of Mellben but yet to try. Still like the crab beehoon @ Geylang. Yum!

    Alison, u've a great week ahead too!

    Baby, how true...

    Joe. this is one of the cheapest in town. Wish I can visit M'sia sooner, once your govt step up on its security. Love the food there. Stopped going for yrs...

  6. Safra Changi as in NSRCC? I didn't know they have Jumbo seafood there. Thanks for sharing!

  7. CAn't remember the last time I was there~

  8. Haven't been to Jumbo in a while but the last time I was there - the food was alright but not exceptional, just palatable. Service was quite lax too. Hence, I thought it wasn't worth going there as it is not a convenient location. It is possibly over rated I think.....

  9. Marina, it's in NSRCC. Thks for dropping by!

    Penny, doesn't sound too good :)

    Denise, looks like we're on the same page :)

  10. Excellent review...too bad it was not as exceptional as the menu suggests :( However the setting is certainly lovely :)

  11. Have never had deep-fried scallops, and not sure i want to. gently fried in butter is perfect for me, every time!

  12. M. Spice, the nice surroundings kinda compensate for the quality of food :)

    Benny, Scallops pan-fried sounds perfect for me too!


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